Online Casinos - On this page you will find a list of trusted online casinos. These casinos are PC & Mac compatible, and have gone through a meticulous review by our in-house review staff. Each online casino is graded on a scale of 10 different valuable points, with the grade evenly distributed into an overall star system. If an online casino doesn't meet our quality guidelines, it either does not appear here, or it is quickly removed until the problem is fixed.The chart below will help you determine the right online casino for you. Each row has a link to a full review, offers unique casino bonuses, and displays the compatible operating systems of each casino. If you're on a Mac computer, we also have a list of Mac compatible casinos.

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Best Online Casino

Determining the best online casino is all about who you are and what you want. For some, the best casino might be the one that gives them the largest sign-up bonus. For others, it may be the features, layout, and fun that can be had. Or, many will choose the online casino that has the fastest deposits and withdrawals as their favorite. My point is that it all depends on what you want. We suggest you read the reviews carefully before you make your first deposit.

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Mac OS Casinos

Online casinos have been developing online casino software for Microsoft Windows since the mid nineties, leaving Apple Mac users in the dark. What about those of us who want to play blackjack, craps, keno, or video poker on a Mac? This used to be a problem, but that is no longer the case. These days, there are many online casinos for Macintosh.

Instant Play Casino

Online casinos have come up with a brilliant idea, and that is to create a software by which anybody on any operating system can access and play their online casino games. This software is typically built using Java or Adobe’s Flash technology, and allows Mac users to play their favorite casino games. Because these games do not require a physical download, they can play played instantly, giving them the name “Instant Play” or “No Download” casino games.

Online Casino Download

Most online casinos do not provide native downloadable casino software for Macintosh. Our experienced editors continue to scour the web and have yet to find one. If you are able to discover an online casino with a native Mac download, please let us know!

Online Poker

If you absolutely require a native download, or you’re just bored playing slot machines, why not try your luck at a little bit of online poker? There are many online poker sites with native downloads for Mac, and you’ll be playing against other real people, not just a machine. Check out the online poker sites we’ve reviewed and good luck at the tables!