Learn Card Counting

How I Made $112,200 Card Counting


I’ve been beating casinos at blackjack (and teaching card counting to others) for over a decade. While my poker exploits are less impressive, I’ve had the privilege of running a blackjack team that took nearly $4M from casinos, registering a … Continued


How to Play Blackjack


Blackjack has gained popularity amongst casino players due to its simplicity, speed, and excitement. However, blackjack is also played largely for fun. There are various strategies of playing blackjack, each developed by the each individual player. While deciding a “winning” … Continued

Poker iPad

Why No Online Poker on the iPad?


UPDATE: As of October 8, 2010, iPad and iPhone users will be able to use their products to play poker for real money at Switch Poker. Although the software is still in its early stages and has substandard graphics, it … Continued

Is Online Gambling Safe?

Is It Safe To Gamble Online?


Is online gambling safe? The answer is yes, if you use common sense.  The online gambling industry is booming in all forms, poker, casino, and sports books.  With this boom, there are going to be some illegitimate sites trying to … Continued

Pocket Aces

How to Play Texas Holdem and Omaha by InterPoker


Poker is a game that comes in various formats, each having its own set of strategies. Many people choose to play poker online for free in order to learn about the various strategies of different games. Here we take a … Continued

Apple Logo Question Mark

How to Play Online Poker for Mac


When I bought my new Mac, I was really excited, excited to get online and play poker. However, after realizing that most online poker rooms were only made for Microsoft Windows, I was on a hunt for information about where … Continued

Poker Forum

Pokah Poker Forum


Pokah is an online poker community supported by PokerRoom. If you have an interest in online gaming, then Pokah is a great place to meet others with the same interests. You can meet new people, read and write about online … Continued

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal? By WildJack


Should online casino gambling be legal? Is a little computer game of Poker or Blackjack hurting anyone?  Are addictions to slot machines destroying people?  These seem to be the questions on the mind of many gamers and politicians these days, … Continued