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Due to many inquiries, we have decided to post this article on just how we review Mac casinos.  We rate online casinos in twelve different categories, and then average up the results to form the overall rating.  The categories are not given different weights, we just use the total points to calculate the overall rating.  Below we will explain each different category we rate the casino in, as well as the overall rating.


This is the average of all the other ratings.  In this section we also describe some of the casino’s special and interesting qualities so that our readers can quickly decided whether they want to learn more about the casino.


In this section we describe how easy the casino is to use, the graphics, the animations, and the general quality of the software.  We also grade the casino’s website for its graphics and presentation.

Customer Service

Here we grade the casino’s customer service.  The more forms of service they offer, such as email or live chat, the higher the rating.  We also test their service to evaluate their response times, friendliness, and knowledge.


This rating is determined by the number of games that the casino offers, the more games the better.  Casinos are more enjoyable when they offer more games.

Payout Percentages

The payout percentage rating signifies how good of a payout percentage the casino games have.  This is important as the higher the payout percentage, the likelier you are to win.


Here we state whether the casino offers tournaments for its players, how often, and whether the tournaments are worth playing.  The rating depends on this combination of factors.


This section explains what jackpots are offered and how much they are worth.  A lot of players try to win the jackpots and want to know how much they could win at a casino.  The more jackpots and the more they are worth, the higher this rating is.


Here we list a few examples of stakes that the casino offers.  The wider stakes that are offered, the higher the rating.

Deposit Bonuses

In this category we show you what deposit bonus the casino offers our readers (see casino bonus codes).  We rate this based upon how attractive the bonuses are.  The better the bonuses, the more the casino wants our readers to play with them.

Players Reward System

This section explains what the casino’s reward program is and how it rewards the players.  The better the rewards program the better the rating.

Compatible Operating Systems

Here we explain what operating systems the casino’s software is compatible with.  The best rating is awarded if the casino is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, since this means that just about anybody can play.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Here we list all of the deposit and withdrawal options available at the casino.  The more options that are available, the easier it is to transfer funds, and the higher the rating.

Other Features

This section describes additional casino features which add to the online gaming experience.  This rating is determined by how unique and interesting these features are.

Final Words

I hope that this article has helped shed some light on how we rate our online casinos. You can also read about our online poker room rating system as well.