Mac Casino - Our Mac Casino editors have reviewed major Mac compatible casinos and have reviewed them based on an in-depth look at each online casino’s compatibility with Mac OSx computer software. This Mac Casino table includes comparisons of overall ratings, casino bonuses, and Macintosh OS compatibility of each online casino.

* How our Mac Casino table rates online casinos

Best Mac Casino

The Mac compatible casino list above will help you determine the best Mac friendly casino for you. You may consider the best online casino for Mac to be the one that gives new players the highest online casino bonus, or perhaps the one that has the most aesthetic appeal. Whatever you decide, determining which Mac casino is best for you should be easy once you've learned about a couple of the casinos.

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Mac OS Casinos

Mac users know that most online casinos are not compatible for Mac. This is because most online casinos have been specifically developed for Windows. Several solutions have been developed for Mac OSx users which include no-download (aka Instant Play) software and a native Mac compatible online casino download.

Instant Play Casinos

Many online casinos for Mac have special instant play casino software. This instant play software is directly compatible with Macintosh OS, and all that is needed to play is the browser that you’re using right now. Most of these Mac compatible online casinos utilize Java or Flash, technologies that allow them to host an interactive online casino game in a regular browser window. This technology allows Apple Mac users to play without the hassle of an online casino download. No physical download is required to the Mac computer, and the “Instant Play” or “No Download” casino software of the online casinos listed in our Mac Casino table is generally painless.

Download Online Casinos

It’s rare to find an online casino for Mac that has a native Mac OSx download. If you’re able to find one, consider yourself lucky (and contact us so we can list it!), as most online casinos do not have the drive nor the resources to develop a downloadable Mac compatible online casino.

Mac Poker

If you’re not in the mood to play against the house, have no worries. We  have a developed a table for our Mac poker players as well.  Now, players can play against other real players for free, or for real money. Click here to check out the Mac compatible poker sites and you’ll be taken right there.