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Online poker training rooms – The best poker training sites based on an in-depth look at each poker training site. This index includes comparisons of overall ratings and compatibility of each online poker training room.

We here at Mac Poker Online have compiled a list of the absolute best poker training manuals, guides and video series available to the public. Lots of people swear by these, while others believe that they are already God’s gift to poker. We are going to assume that if you are on this page, you are dedicated to improving your game, and like every other poker player on earth, there are areas for improvements. You may have noticed that there are now countless different poker training sites and schools that are claiming to be the best, run by professional online poker players. How do you seperate the good ones from the bad ones? We have already done the extensive research for you, and you can find our poker training reviews below.

The trend of signing up to a poker training school online is still a relatively new concept, although some of the sites that we recommend actually have been around for a few years. These are not fly by night, run of the mill poker training programs either. They are all run by professional online poker players with a history in winning. You will find a variety and difference between many of the programs listed below. You can click any of the brands in the chart below in order to find out more information, or to visit their official site.

Why would you sign up to a poker training school?

Online poker is a different beast than live poker, so even if you have been a winning player live, you still might want to get some good poker strategy for online play under your belt as well.

– Your competition is doing it. These poker training sites are not sparse in terms of members. It’s the opposite, in fact, meaning there are tons and tons of different players learning from proven “in the money” pros, and they could be your very opponents at tables you are on. Remember that poker is a game of edges and you will certainly pick up more of an edge after joining one of the 4 aformentioned online poker strategy schools.

– Having somebody else critique your game, even if you have been playing for a long time (especially if you’ve been playing for a long time!) is a really great idea. More sets of eyes on your play can see your blind spots. Even if you are a winning player, you could be winning more money on certain hands and situations, and these poker training schools are so good that it is exactly what you are going to get.

– A good poker player is always molding his or her game as well as evolving it. There are so many different changes going on at any time of the game, and strategy has to shift. Training with pros will keep you ahead of the curve for sure.

– There are different training sites depending on what you want to master – multi table tourneys, sit and gos, ring games, etc. You know that you are getting specialized expertise that way.

Poker Training Site Rankings

The online poker training room rankings are in accordance to a special 12 topic grading system. Our editors have thoroughly examined each online poker site and developed the online poker room rankings through rigorous testing.

Online Poker Training Room Cost Sign Up
#1 bluefire poker Blue Fire Poker $29.99/monthly Train Now!
#2 Drag The Bar Drag The Bar 7 Day-free trial
Train Now!
#3 Deuces Cracked DeucesCracked Free Basic Train Now!
#4 Deuces Cracked PokerSavvyPlus Trial Period Train Now!

Mac Poker Training Sites

Are these online poker training sites Mac compatible? Yes, all of the 4 poker training sites that we highly recommend are compatible with both Mac and PC computers. You will be happy to know that there are not any geographical restrictions either, meaning you can sign up from anywhere in the world and receive top notch poker training from pros.

Best Online Poker Training Rooms

Finding the best online poker training room for you can be quite a challenge. Our online poker training room list makes it easier for you to find the best online poker training rooms quickly, as we have conveniently placed the best poker training sites at the top. We recommend that you read a few reviews and choose the best online poker training room for you.

Free Online Poker Training Rooms

Each one of our Online Poker Training Rooms has a list of availabe free poker training videos for you to sample before you make any decisions on which online poker training room to use. We also offer a review for each online poker training room because we want you to be informed of everything before making your decision.

US Online Poker Training Rooms

Finding US online poker rooms can be tough. However, the online poker training rooms which many pros use are available to all US citizens. The online poker rooms which many of the instructors play on are also accepting US players and these rooms are either Carbon Poker or Pokerstars (PokerStars is not for US players anymore, but they are open to all other markets).

Mac Online Poker Training Rooms

Most players that own a Mac sometimes find it difficult to find an online poker room that is Mac compatible, but with the online poker training rooms you do not have to worry about your computer not being compatible. All of the online poker training rooms that we have listed below are 100% compatible with both Mac & PC users.

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Free Poker Training Videos

Took a look at the different training sites listed in our top charts above, and still not sure which one to choose? Maybe you just want to browse some free poker training videos before you actually delve in and purchase at a later time. All 4 of the training poker schools that we have listed above have free training videos that will give you a glimpse about what they are all about. The quickest way to see the full collection of free poker training vids that these different companies have to offer is click the “train now” button in the chart on this page, where you will have instant access to the freebies.

All of the training from these sites are done soley online, so you never even have to leave your house to get things done. That is great news because in the past, if you wanted a top poker coach, you had to track one down and even fly overseas. Nowadays with all the newest technology, none of that is needed anymore. You really shouldn’t need many reasons to sign up to one of these 4 top notch poker schools, because we have already done all the research and figured out how much it helps an average, beginner or even great online poker player. The first step is to check out some of their free videos, compare which people you think would be the best teacher for you, then decided if you want to drop a few bucks and get it done.

Online Poker Training Room Cost Sign Up
#1 bluefire poker Blue Fire Poker $29.99/monthly Train Now!
#2 Drag The Bar Drag The Bar 7 Day-free trial
Train Now!
#3 Deuces Cracked DeucesCracked Free Basic Train Now!
#4 Deuces Cracked PokerSavvyPlus Trial Period Train Now!

Old Poker Training Sites

Throughout our time, there have been good and bad training sites – as well as unfortunate poker training sites that even though they have been good, they have fallen in quality, traffic, funds, etc… and thus, been forgotten within the poker world and reputation. Sites that we are no longer recommending due to these circumstances, but which if you still wish to read the content we had for them a while back, you can find it here still. These poker training sites are:
CardRunners – used to be a top notch site back in the day, but fallen in recent years. They still do offer their services for $130/monthly.
PokerVT – this site definitely fell off the radar and who knows how long they will last or if they even offer anything close to descent training, information, material, or other. They still market their services at $29.99/monthly, but, is there a future or guarantee to it? who knows…
Deep Stack University – this is another of those almost dead sites in our opinion. You barely hear about it nowadays, and really has just fallen off – unfortunately.

Again, we show their reviews purely for information purposes, but bear in mind, they are not updated, and reflect the thoughts on these old poker training sites back in the day. If you decide to go forward with any of them, we wish you luck and hope we are wrong about their decreased quality.