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Poker Odds Calculators

Long ago, new poker players had to go through a tough learning process when calculating poker odds. If your opponent had more experience, the chances of losing were quite high. However, with the poker odds calculator, players can really improve their game in different ways such as getting helpful information about their opponents, accessing real time statistics related to the game, and getting proper analysis of the game.

Most of these calculators are used depending on the player’s operating system. That said you can get calculators that work well on different operating systems including Mac, Windows, or Linux.

What is a Poker Odds Calculator?

A poker odds calculator is a tool that players use to have an edge over their opponents while playing poker. It’s simply a program used for calculating the odds of a poker hand winning against the other. The calculator usually calculates the strengths of various poker hands, making it a very popular tool in the online poker arena.

According to research, over 40 percent of online poker players use some form of tool while playing and poker odds calculator is certainly among the most used tools. Notably, it is a very handy tool for those who enjoy playing Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and Texas Hold’em.

How do I use a poker odds calculator?

Using the poker odds calculator is so easy. After downloading the file, simply head to “player 1” then click on the very first logo card. From a deck of those cards in the chart, you should choose your starting cards. Next, select the opponent’s cards from those in the chart.

Finally, click on a “Get Odds” button that pops up, and your odds will display in the box. The odds calculator functions by automatically attaching to a games table and reading the cards. You receive instant calculations of poker odds; win pot odds, outs and table positions.

How much does a poker odds calculator cost?

Players will be eager to know how much it would cost them to own a poker odds calculator. Well, different calculators go for different prices depending on their quality and functionality in addition to whether the provider is promoting the calculators or not.

The poker odds calculator range from free to a few dollars, and they come with different terms too. For free ones such as the carbon odds poker calculator, you only need to download it and you are good to go.

Others come with a free trial version limited to a specified number of days such as 7 days. In such a case, you can use it within the specified time and if you find it helpful, you can buy it. However, you can still buy the calculator and use it directly without using the trial version.

In certain cases, the cost of the calculator can be different from the cost plus the license with the latter being higher. Either way, buying this tool makes even the casual players to recoup the cost pretty fast through extra winnings. In other words, the amount of winnings the calculator helps you to achieve is far much higher than the initial cost of the calculator.

Mac Poker Software & Odds Calculators

A poker odds calculator for Mac is one that works well on a Mac OS. To use the odds calculators on your Mac, ensure you upgrade the system to 10.6.x or even 10.7.x. at times, those using Macintosh may find it hard to view the poker odds calculator because the Macromedia Flash application may not be upgraded or installed. After upgrading, you can view the odds calculator directly on the Internet or you can opt for the download option, the choice is yours.

You can find many different odds calculators online. If you are a Mac user, you can go for any of the following Mac poker software programs. Most of these calculators come with a demo version giving you the opportunity to learn how they work before purchasing.

iHoldem Indicator

Hands down the best Mac poker calculator available today. iHoldem Indicator was programmed in such a way that it automatically attaches itself to your online poker table and reads your hands into its system, digesting all relevant information for the game along with it. Unlike most other software, iHoldemIndicator also displays your EV (expected value) and Sklansky group ratings for your starting hands.

Play the following video to learn exactly what iHoldem Indicator can do for your game.

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Poker Copilot

One of the main tools missing from the Mac computer user’s arsenal has been a solid Heads-Up Display (HUD) and hand tracker.  Poker Copilot provides both features in a simple and easy-to-use package.  It is compatible with the Mac compatible versions of Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, UltimateBet, Absolute Poker, and Ongame Network, and it supports both cash games and tournaments.  Its slick, Mac-centric interface is also very appealing.  Its $59.95 price tag may be a bit high for some, but there is a 30-day trial available.

MacPoker Pro Software

MacPoker Pro is also for tracking and analysis, and for a long time was the only poker computer application solution for Mac OS users.  It is still a good piece of analysis software, but does not have the features and functionality of Poker Copilot.  Since both programs come with a free trial, it is worth trying both to see which one fits your needs the best.

Poker Ghost

Poker Ghost is a poker hand calculator with a very unique feature: it can be controlled by voice commands!  While playing a game, simply speak the cards you are holding and the speech recognition aspect of the software will automatically enter your cards and make the proper calculations.  While this is a very impressive feature, it is often easier to enter the cards by hand, and its elegant interface is hindered by the fact that it can not be resized.  In any case, it is worth taking a free trial.

Poker Manager

Poker Manager helps you manage and run a home tournament with ease.  It has a timer for blind changes, tracks the prize pool, and even manages player eliminations and table assignments.  Even better, the interface can be controlled by an Apple remote, and it can even lower the volume of iTunes to highlight audible cues such as blind increases.  At $29.90 it is a bit pricey, but a free 14 day trial is available, and anyone who has tried to manage a large tournament will likely find it to be a real bargain.

Poker Odds Calculator by Whiteman

Poker Odds Calculator helps players calculate the odds of their hand beating other hands.  It is essential for new players learning the game or even advanced players who want more specific numbers.  Although there are free calculators available, Poker Odds Calculator supports many popular games, including Hold’em, Omaha, and more.  It also has a better interface than some free options.

Windows Poker Software Programs & Odds Calculators

Poker Edge

My personal favorite poker software program just so happens to be Mac and Linux compatible. Poker Edge hosts a huge database and tracks over 1.000,000 players! With useful stats and a no download version of their popular software program, Poker Edge is my top pick.

Calculatem Pro

Texas Calculatem Pro has set the bar high with its proprietary software, that is unmatched by other poker software programs. What it does is calculate poker odds while you are playing. Calculatem Pro is not against any TOS and is actually embraced by most online poker rooms as a helpful tool for playing online poker.

Holdem Genius

This is another tool by the makers of Calculatem Pro. I have had the chance to download the software onto a PC and try it out. I was actually quite impressed with what I found. The best advice that I can give is to use Holdem Genius in conjuction with another online poker software program.


Pokerbility is a one of a kind poker odds calculator that people use to gain the edge that just isnt attainable without the use of the software. At the time of this writing, Pokerbility is offering their software to poker players for free, given that they sign up a new real money online poker account using a Pokerbility link.

Sit and Go Shark

This poker software program was actually designed by a professional poker player named Roy Rounder. Roy has his own poker advice newsletter that has tens of thousands of readers, so you know that the advice that you’re getting is accurate. Obviously, this program only focuses on playing Sit and Gos.

Web Based Poker Software Programs & Odds Calculators


SharkScope is a tool that online poker players use to research the opponents at their table. It also helps players select the best table for their playing style. SharkScope is compatible with all operating systems too.

Free Poker Odds Calculator

Try out our free poker odds calculator to calculate poker odds in a specified hand. You can input your own cards and see the outcome all in this easy to use flash odds calculator.

Poker Table Ratings

This is a web resource that I really enjoy using, and so do tens of thousands of other online poker players! Poker Table Ratings keeps track of every single hand of Texas Holdem (and they are working hard on other games) that is played on the Internet’s most popular online poker rooms.

Other Online Poker Tools to Improve Game

Other poker tools you can use to improve your game are the PokerTracker and Holdem Manager. PokerTracker is an awesome software that enables you to monitor different elements of each poker session such as winnings per hand, hands per hour, cumulative profit or loss, winnings per hours, and so on. On the other hand, the Holdem Manager provides real time data that encourages quick and profitable decisions at poker tables. Both Calculators will greatly benefit you whether you are a casual player or an experienced one.

Virtual Machines & PC Emulators for Mac OS

Mac computer users cannot play at most online poker rooms because they were made for PC computers. Because .exe files are not compatible with Mac OS, which uses .dmg files, we suggest using a virtual machine. Virtual machines have been around for many years, and now with Apple’s 64-bit Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems, running a virtual machine (aka PC emulator) on your Mac computer has become almost a staple installation.

Run Windows OS online poker rooms and Windows OS poker software programs by installing one of the following virtual machines onto your Mac computer. This software is especially useful for players who are set on playing Party Poker for Mac.

  • VMWare Fusion
  • Parallels
  • Boot Camp (free!)

*Mac Poker is an online gaming information service and is in no way associated with MacPoker Pro, which develops and sells computer software.