RedKings Poker Mobile App Review Review

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Last Updated: November 23, 2013

Mobile poker was a novelty idea not too long ago but more recently it has become a trend, with nearly all major online poker operators directing a significant portion of their resources to the mobile platform. Redkings Mobile Poker has not been one to lag behind. The poker room has become a major player in the development of online poker through its functional mobile poker application. A member of OnGame Network, Redkings Mobile Poker already earned respect for its Java and download clients and now its mobile entertainment is already very promising.

Those who have experienced the full-featured version of Red Kings Poker first hand can expect the same treat with their mobile app. This world-class program features a shared player base – both PC and MAC users can also play against mobile-exclusive participants – and because of this the action remains more consistent than what you’ll find with other mobile sites. In detriment nonetheless, Red Kings Poker hasn’t optimized their market share by branching out across all mobile devices – iOS software currently isn’t compatible and many advanced smartphones won’t sync either. Some older devices are conducive to play, and Red Kings Poker does list this information within the “mobile poker” section of their web site.

The mobile app has been designed for Android devices specifically, and those who are familiar with this technology should find the learning curve to be minimal. You may play on tablets, cell phones and other devices, and those who typically surf through Wi-Fi connections will encounter the least lag time.

What is not missing from the Red Kings Poker app are outstanding promotions. Luckily you can still receive an incredible bonus of 100% up to $1,600, even if you sign up through your mobile device. Red Kings Poker did take an innovative step forward with mobile poker by allowing players to sign up, deposit and make withdrawals all directly from this application. It makes things much easier and efficient for all end users.

We believe Red Kings Poker’s mobile app is worth trying, and it’s without question one of the best mobile poker clients available!

RedKings Mobile Poker Bonus

When players sign up at Redkings Mobile Poker even through their mobile devices they are welcomed with an exclusive 100% bonus up to $1,600. This bonus is activated using the bonus code PBONUS and you get the full $1,600 bonus money by depositing an equal amount. The mobile poker site also offers a referral bonus to players through the Refer-a-Friend program and it can increase their bankroll with as much as $50. There is also a Bad Beat bonus that can bring you hundreds of dollars but this will depend on the amount of luck you have. If you are dealt two red kings you will instantly be awarded $300 and if you are dealt two red kings but by showdown you’ve lost you will get $500 cash bonus.

An exceptional thing that Redkings Mobile Poker has done is to design the mobile app such that players can sign up and make their deposits and withdrawals directly from it. It is ingenious and makes things easy, and efficient.

Red Kings Mobile Poker Download & App

Mobile poker platforms have yet to rival their download counterparts in terms of evolution. While there are a few mobile poker apps that make respectable attempts to mimic what their older siblings provide, many fall short in terms of overall functionality. Luckily for those who enjoy Red Kings Poker, you’ll be ecstatic to find out its mobile offering includes some of the same attributes that have made its online partner so successful.

Upon viewing the mobile poker app, you’ll first be drawn to its simplicity – there are minimal screens, buttons and menus to be accessed to make your experience as easy as possible. Red Kings Mobile Poker designed its app around this purpose; a no mess approach to online gaming that allows players to immerse themselves in the action as smoothly as possible. Its ease of accessibility prevents your phone or tablet’s screen from being cluttered, and makes navigating through different games a breeze.

We suggested that find a poker game was simple, and it truly is with the addition of a “Quick Seat” function built into the program. Some players enjoy the ability to table select, but more often than not those who wish to play mobile poker just want to see a hand as quickly as possible. This option is great for poker enthusiasts who have a knack for action and fuel their adrenaline through intense poker hands.

We noted that the download version of Red Kings Poker is still more complete, nonetheless this mobile option is specifically tailored to Android users. Not to say that other mobile phones and tablets are not compatible with this software, but those who love Android will truly be in heaven when it comes to on-the-go poker.

In order to maintain stability, and also ensure minimal to no interruption, it’s recommended that users play under a reliable Wi-Fi connection rather than their typical service provider. While you may access Red Kings Mobile Poker through both mediums, it would be unfortunate to miss out on a big hand because of a faulty or delayed internet connection.

RedKings Mobile Poker Reward System & VIP Program

The mobile poker site also offers outstanding promotions. Players are rewarded with player points for contributing to the rake in tournament fees and cash games. Each $1 spent in cash games earns them 1 bonus point and $5 spent in tournaments 1 point. These points can then be cashed for entries to tournaments and freeroll events in the downloadable platform of Redkings Poker.

RedKings Poker Customer Service

Redkings Mobile Poker believes that poker players who play on their mobile devices are as important as those who play on the traditional online poker rooms, and for this reason it treats all its players equally. Being that mobile poker is still a novelty concept, Redkings Mobile Poker has assembled a competent and friendly help team to address any questions players have regarding the mobile app’s playability. This team can be reached 24/7 via live chat, phone (+1-647-724-0264), and email ([email protected]).

Poker Games at Red Kings Mobile Poker

Unfortunately Red Kings Poker couldn’t manage to transfer all of its poker variations onto its mobile poker app. Red Kings Mobile Poker currently only offers Texas Hold’em, but despite the game selection you’ll still find enough games and terrible players to make things profitable.

You’ll notice the different types of Hold’em available – Limit, Pot-Limit and No-Limit – and each of these game types have their own unique pool of players. While you will notice some players who are well-versed in all avenues, more often than not you’ll find players who are particularly weak in at least one of these games.

No-Limit Texas Hold’em remains the most popular, and provides the best ratio of bad-to-skilled players.

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Traffic at Red Kings Mobile Poker

As with many mobile poker options, this is one area that consistently leaves much to be desired. However, traffic amongst many sites, including Red Kings Mobile Poker is steadily improving.

Red Kings Mobile Poker does benefit greatly from a merged player pool which includes carry over from its online counterpart, so mobile players aren’t stuck playing only against other mobile competitors. You’ll find many players from across different operating systems contesting pots, but you’ll want to make sure your system is equally as stable to rake in your share.

Obviously mobile players should come to expect reduced player counts, particularly with the absence of many of the other game types.

Red Kings Mobile Poker Tournaments and Freerolls

Despite a collection of events scheduled throughout their web site, these tournaments are only available to those who play through the download client. Tournaments and Freerolls will later be added to their mobile platform, as soon as they can work out the kinks.

Stakes at Red Kings Mobile Poker

Red Kings Poker tried to make it worthwhile for mobile players to play by upping the ante on the level of play available to this demographic. If you’re interested in dabbling in the small to mid-stakes range, Red Kings Mobile Poker can help.

You’ll still have the ability to take part in the micro stakes games, and regardless of the monetary ranges, you’ll find many players scattered throughout.

Play generally ranges from $.05/$.10 up to $3/$6 between Limit, Pot-Limit and No-Limit Hold’em.

Competition at Red Kings Mobile Poker

Upon opening the partnered Red Kings Poker download platform, you’ll formulate that the wide range of games and stakes behooves those with broader understanding and aptitude of online poker. This version of Red Kings’ software is particularly tougher, and with the more astute players and more money at risk, many games can become an utter nightmare if you’re unsure of how to react.

While the OnGame Network has historically been a location which catered to weak clientele, online poker’s development and progression over the past few years has even turned some fishing ponds into shark-infested waters. Not to imply that Red Kings Mobile Poker is becoming unbeatable because that would be an exaggeration, but you’ll begin to notice a shift in the aggression and competency of many villains.

One attribute which benefits the mobile client is the attraction of recreational players. Ideally those who are interested in the “pick up and go” approach of mobile poker will not be overly concerned with HUDs, statistics or datamining – the presence of which can toughen the games dramatically. You should be able to beat many mobile players on a consistent basis because of their tendency to do away with these advantages.

For those who haven’t already done a bit of research, Red Kings Poker and its network OnGame have made a substantial transition to Amaya Gaming, a much more comprehensive online entertainment company which also hosts a full suite of casino games and software with its affiliates. With this new company, and since they haven’t yet made their presence known with any available poker clients, they could be making a big effort in the near future to increase player retention and advertisement. This would only be more beneficial to the players as well by increasing player activity.

As you move up in stakes, you’ll find that the players become tougher, even on the mobile site. However, the absence of nosebleed stakes and the lack of games prevent the best players from visiting regularly.


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