How Does a Trip to the Super Bowl Simply By Winning Carbon Poker Freerolls Sound?


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Freeroll your way to Super Bowl XLIX by playing Carbon Poker freerolls. Sound good? Of course it does! The Super Bowl is the greatest sporting event in the world. What better way to get there than by playing the world’s greatest game – poker? This is possible even for beginner poker players simply by winning Carbon Poker freerolls offered throughout the NFL season and accurately projecting the winner of each Monday Night Football game.

This contest brings football and poker together. What a perfect combination. Many poker players enjoy NFL football, especially the gambling aspect. Attending the Super Bowl is on many poker players’ bucket lists. Now you have an opportunity to cross that one off your bucket list by winning 2 Carbon Poker freerolls.

The first freeroll you must win occurs Tuesday evenings on Carbon Poker throughout the NFL season. “Winning” means finishing in the top 3. Should you accomplish this task, you will get a seat in the Super Bowl XLIX freeroll on December 28th. The winner of that tournament will be sent to Arizona with a pair of Super Bowl tickets in hand this coming February.

Carbon Poker Freerolls Best Prize Ever Awarded – Super Bowl Tickets

You can’t put a true price on the value of a Super Bowl ticket. Sure, they cost thousands of dollars when purchased from a scalper. However, being one of the lucky 70,000+ that get to attend the 50th edition of the Super Bowl is worth more than the price of the ticket.

Super Bowl tickets are the toughest tickets in the world to score. Not even the World Series, World Cup or Wimbledon can match the popularity of the Super Bowl. Billions worldwide will watch the game on TV. Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the thousands in attendance? Now you have a shot at making your dream come true. Go on a heater in the Carbon Poker freerolls and you’ll be sitting in the stands while your friends are watching the big game on TV!

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