Play Freerolls on Party Poker and Boost your Bankroll


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We know how difficult it is for many poker players to obtain the proper bankroll. You have bills to pay, kids to support, etc. So how do you come up with the money for a legitimate poker bankroll? One way is to play online poker freerolls. These seem like meaningless tournaments that don’t pay out much. That is true for many of them, but not the Party Poker Cash Booster Freerolls.

The Party Poker Cash Booster freerolls are just like any other freeroll tournament, except they have a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000. That means a first place winner can take home about $1,000. That would definitely help your bankroll out. Party Poker runs these freerolls every Sunday. You will be awarded a tournament ticket after making your first deposit. Additionally, by playing poker on Party Poker, you can qualify easily for another entrance into the Cash Booster freerolls once every month.

Online Poker Freeroll Strategy

Most poker players have the wrong mindset when entering a freeroll. They think that since the tournament is free to enter there is no reason to put forth much effort. Don’t adopt that philosophy. Play the tournaments the same as you would any other. Even though you don’t have to pay to enter, you do have an opportunity to win money.

If you are struggling to come up with the money to fund your poker bankroll, freerolls are the way to go. However, if you don’t take them seriously you won’t win any money. These are easy tournaments to win for decent poker players. Most players just shove all-in with nothing or call off all of their chips on junk hands. If you can show some patience, you’ll get paid off on your monster hands.

Patience is the number one key. That means you can’t play your mid-range hands in early position or risk all of your chips on draws and weak hands. The donkeys will be eliminated early on. After you get to the middle stages in the tournament, most of the players will be somewhat skilled so that is when you can start making plays. Don’t try to make plays early on. Your goal in the early stages should be to survive and accumulate large amounts of chips when you have a big hand.

After the donkeys have been eliminated, start playing some real poker. Make some plays. Bluff your opponents off hands when you think they’re weak. Become aggressive especially as you approach the bubble. If you want to win the big bucks, you have to play to win and take some risks. You can’t sit around waiting for a hand all day. Let your opponents play that way while you take advantage of their passive play.

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