12 days, $4 million on Ultimate Bet


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ultimate-betTop players in the world in all games play at UltimateBet such as Annie Duke, Joe Sebok, Bryan Devonshire and Phil Hellmuth.  This next January, all of them will combine to play for $4 million dollars in 12 days of tournaments.

The group of tournaments is called the UltimateBet online Championships (UBOC) and this is the 4th time the event has been played on UBet.

The tournaments will keep track of your standings throughout the 12 days, giving you a shot to be the leader of the tournament and win additional prizes other than the main pot.

Here is the list of tournaments:

01/20/10 20:05 UBOC 1- Sniper NLH $300+20 $250K Joe Sebok
01/20/10 20:05 UBOC 2- 8 Game Mix (HORSE+PLO, NLH, PLO8) $150+12 $50K Michael Binger
01/21/10 8:05 PM UBOC 3- NLH 4 MAX $300+20 $100K Debo34
01/22/10 20:05 UBOC 4- Sniper NLH $120+10 $30K L. Jones & T. Cantanella
01/23/10 13:00 UBOC 5- HEADS UP (capped at 128 players) (2 day event) $1K+50 $128K No Host
01/23/10 14:00 UBOC 6 -NLH triple chance (3 rebuy max) $150+12 $100K Brandon Cantu
01/24/10 14:00 UBOC 7- NLH $200+15 $300K Scott Ian
01/24/10 16:00 UBOC 8- Deepstack NLH 6 MAX $2500 +100 $1 million Annie Duke
01/25/10 20:05 UBOC 9- Limit Hold’em 6 max $100+9 $30K Tiffany Michelle
01/25/10 20:05 UBOC 10- PLH/PLO/PLO8 (Pot Limit Championship) $300+20 $150K Bryan Devonshire
01/26/10 20:05 UBOC 11- PLO 1 rebuy+1 add on $200+15 $100K Matt Graham
01/26/10 20:05 UBOC 12- HORSE $200+15 $50K Hollywood Dave
01/27/10 20:05 UBOC 13- Omaha 8/b and Stud 8/b mix $150+12 $30K Poker Jo
01/27/10 20:05 UBOC 14- Deepstack NLH $1K+50 $300K Adam “Roothlus” Levy
01/28/10 20:05 UBOC 15- PLO8 $300+20 $100K Billy Kopp
01/29/10 20:05 UBOC 16- Deepstack PLH 6 MAX $500+30 $100K Liv Boeree
01/30/10 14:00 UBOC 17- NLH Turbo unlimited Rebuys $100+9 $100K P0kerH0
01/31/10 16:00 UBOC 18- UBOC Championship (10K starting chips) $1K+50 $1 Million Phil Hellmuth

When winning one of these tournaments, not only will you take down the first place cash, but also you will be issued a Tourneau watch as a congratulations.  Also, if you happen to do the best overall in the tournaments, you as a weekly leader will also earn some wrist bling.26tourneau.480

Full Tilt Poker isn’t the only site conforming to the smaller bankrolls.  UltimateBet is also taking this approach and setting up smaller tournaments simultaneously for players of all levels.  These tournaments are hosted by some of the most frequent and best players on UltimateBet that are listed as a team Ultimate Bet professional.

Here is the list of mini-UBOC:

1/20/10 Sniper NLH $30+3 $20K SPIN31
1/20/10 8 Game Mix (HORSE+PLO, NLH, PLO8) $15+$1.50 $6K TRAMBOPOLINE
1/21/10 NLH 4 MAX $30+3 $10K GUIGUI_88
1/22/10 Sniper NLH $12+1 $3K AIRKID3
1/22/10 NLH triple chance (3 rebuy max) $15+1.50 $15K Z06FANATIC
1/23/10 HEADS UP $10+1 (2 day event) $5,120 FLOATACHECK
1/24/10 NLH $20+2 $20K NUTINSIDER
1/25/10 Limit Hold’em 6 max $10+1 $3K IWON2
1/25/10 PLH/PLO/PLO8 (Pot Limit Championship) $10+1 $3K PATIZZIE
1/26/10 PLO 1 rebuy+1 add on $20+2 $12K FOOLISHGOLF
1/26/10 HORSE $20+2 $8K BIGDOGPCKT5S
1/27/10 Omaha 8/b and Stud 8/b mix $15+1.50 $3K JDAWG217
1/27/10 Deepstack NLH 10+1 $10K CRUDEBAR25
1/28/10 PLO8 $30+3 $10K MAKE_IT_RAIN
1/29/10 Deepstack PLH 6 MAX $5+.50 $2K YELLOWDAWG
1/30/10 NLH Turbo unlimited Rebuys $10+1 $15K 7TEMPEHEAT7
TBD Main Event Super Satellite (turbo) TBD TBD TWOLIP69

Although, you will not have the chance to win a watch from Tourneau by winning these tournaments, unless you happen to be on top of the overall weekly leader board.  With that in mind, try to play in as many tournaments as possible, you will have the chance to get a fantastic watch.

Ultimate Bet has done everything in its power to regain a good reputation with the online poker world, and these string of tournaments and great monthly promotions is putting them back onto the top.  Be sure to get involved in these tournaments, and good luck on the tables.

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