45 ACP Fanatic Dominates Final Table of Full Tilt $750k Guarantee


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fulltiltThe Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guarantee saw 3,736 players sign up for their shot at the first place prize of $132,787.50.

At the start of final table play the chip stacks stood thus:

45 ACP Fanatic – 3,033,640

timhorr – 2,824,265

K7MA – 2,045,197

WSOP Legend – 1,063,490

Joeyv1234 – 814,917

highlandfox – 616,025

dedhepaap – 387,572

frickafricka -223,094

spady 007 – 199,800

K7MA would be the first to fall at the final table, doing so when 45 ACP Fanatic shoved all-in with his chip lead and K7MA made the call. The two were in a coin flip, K7MA’s [Ad][Qs] against 45 ACP Fanatic’s pocket jacks. No ace or queen came for K7MA as the board fell [Ks][Kd][4s][4d][9d] and K7MA was gone in ninth place for a payday of $10,050.

highlandfox was the next to go, doing so when he moved all-in with [Ad][Qd] and found himself in a race with timhorr’s pocket fives. The board came down [8c][6s][4h][8h][Kd], no help for highlandfox, who exited in eight place, richer by $13,500.

Spady 007 would make his exit a few hands later when he was all-in with [Kd][3d] against frickafricka’s [Ad][10c]. frickafricka took a commanding lead when the flop fell [Ah][Jd][9s] and would not relinquish it as the turn fell [9c] and the river fell [Kc]. Spady 007 finished in seventh place, earning $17,250.

frickafricka would soon vacate his seat when he took his [Ah][4c] up against WSOP Legend’s pocket jacks. The board would not deliver the ace frickafricka needed and he collected $23,025 for his sixth place finish.

Joeyv1234 found himself in a coin flip with his [10c][8d] facing WSOP Legend’s pocket fours. The flop of [Qd][Jd][6d] gave Joeyv1234 a flush draw, and after the [4s] on the turn gave WSOP Legend a set he needed a diamond on the river to survive. Instead the river was a heart, the [7h] and Joeyv1234 exited in fifth place for a payday of $31,050.

WSOP Legend would not last much longer, as he was all-in with pocket tens against timhorr’s [Ad][8s]. Timhorr found his help as an ace fell on the flop and WSOP Legend was eliminated in fourth place for a prize of $41,400.

In three handed play 45 ACP Fanatic grew his chip stack to where he had nearly 10 million chips while the next nearest competitor, timhorr, held just over 700k in chips. 45 ACP Fanatic was putting on the pressure, and timhorr called all-in with pocket nines and saw 45 ACP Fanatic show [Ks][2c]. The flop of [Qd][4c][2h] gave 45 ACP Fanatic additional outs, and the [Kh] on the turn gave him the lead. After the [8c] landed on the river timhorr was gone in third place, having earned $52,500.

Heads-up play lasted just one hand, as dedhedaap moved all-in with [Kd][2d] and 45 ACP Fanatic called with a dominating [Ks][10c]. The board refused to give 45 ACP Fanatic the victory without making him sweat it out as the flop fell [Kh][3c][2h] to give dedhedaap two pair. The turn; however, did turn things around again as it was the [3d] to give both players kings and threes, with 45 ACP Fanatic’s ten kicker making the difference. Dedhedaap could win with a two and salvage a split with a three or any card higher than a ten. Instead the river was the [7c] and dehedaap was done for.

dedhedaap collected $80,250 for his runner-up performance while 45 ACP Fanatic captured the victor’s prize of $132,787.50.

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