Absolute Poker Announces New Java Poker Software


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Absolute Poker, (absolutepoker.com), today announced the release of a Java version of their online poker product called Instant Play — easy, accessible and immediate for all poker players. Absolute Poker is one of the first sites to offer Mac-friendly, any PC Texas Hold’em Poker for players around the world.

Mac Poker Online Editors Note: Actually Absolute Poker is NOT one of the first, so I don’t know why they are claiming that they are. The first Mac friendly poker sites were Pacific Poker and PokerRoom. Then many other companies began to follow suit, such as EuroPoker and Hollywood Poker.

Instant Play enables Absolute Poker players to log in and play using the same username, password and balance anywhere and on any PC or Mac. Players on vacation or working from remote locations can now fully participate in the Texas Hold’em Poker craze that’s swept the nation wherever and whenever they choose.

“Instant Play will catapult Absolute Poker ahead of all competitors — the poker community has been longing to play poker on any PC or Mac — no other poker company has perfected Instant Play to this level,” stated David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker. “Travelers, remote players and Mac users are largely underserved in this market and we’ve taken the necessary steps to accommodate them.”

Mac Poker Online Editors Note: Absolute Poker claims that this market is underserved, yet we have been here for several years now, serving Mac, Linux, and Windows poker players with information about where they can go to find a game that is compatible with their computer. Looks like Absolute Poker is making claims from thin air. Next time, do your research guys!

Instant Play can be accessed via the all new Absolute Poker website, absolutepoker.com. Absolute Poker executives expect their no- download capability to increase existing poker activity dramatically as players can now log in from an airport lounge, office — in fact from any location.

Instant Play caters to Mac users whose poker options were previously limited to one or two other sites — some of which are not even available to US customers. Absolute Poker has the answer for all Mac users, who can now enjoy Texas Hold’em without having to download software.

Another Press Release by Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker executives expect to see their market share grow significantly in the coming months.

NEW YORK, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/

The Northern Plains finally felt the effects of a late winter with sub zero temperatures that left thermometers chilled under 0 degrees F. As residents went into hibernation, a massive pursuit for indoor entertainment brought about a Midwestern surge in online poker play at UltimateBet — http://www.ultimatebet.com — one of the world’s largest internet poker sites. Accounts that were usually quiet during daily business hours were active throughout the past week as players sought the safety of “working from home” during the week. Weekend numbers leapt higher as well as Midwesterners decided to spend Saturday and Sunday indoors. “Since winter has finally arrived, our site has seen a massive increase in online activity,” said UltimateBet.com spokesperson, George MacLean. “As soon as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, our player numbers rise as thoughts turn to Texas Holdem.” Winter poker tournaments and the promise of exercising one’s mind from the warmth of the living room or home office caused a substantial spike in activity as the hopes for outdoor recreation ended with record low temperatures.

Mac Poker Online Editors Note: I posted this because, in case you didn’t already know, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker have very close ties with each other. The effect of winter on an online poker website can be just as significant as the effect of releasing new Java software.


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