At&t taking steps to improve iPhone 3G speeds


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att-3g-iphoneWith talks of AT&T sharing the iPhone smarphone in the near future, AT&T has already taken strides expanding their already large network by adding more towers in the tri-state region.

Apple Inc. has been shopping for another carrier to support their infamous iPhone smartphone.  It has been reported that they were exclusively shopping Verizon due to their 4G network.  The reason Apple is looking for change is not only a large client base, but also to satisfy unhappy AT&T customers.

AT&T has now sprung into action in attempts to keep the iPhone strictly with their name.  AT&T has improved their signal rating up to 850mhz over the tri-state region of New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.  This upgrade will allow this highly saturated area to have better reception throughout the state and faster wireless broadband speeds.

While being the second largest wireless carrier in the nation, AT&T has plans to upgrading the entire U.S. giving all customers the benefit of better clarity and faster speeds.  AT&T has predicted 2011 all upgrades and additions will be complete.

Furthermore, the AT&T coverage will increase as well.  An estimated 1,900 towers will be going up nationwide in efforts to broaden their client base.

With all of these towers, WiFi hot spots that are sponsored will dramatically increase. Already in 2009, AT&T hosted over 25.6 million WiFi connections, more than 2008 combined.

Throughout the next months, customers will now be able to expect faster speeds on their 3G network, as well as a better network performance.  The once saturated bandwidths will be expanded and much less frustrating to use.

“From time to time, AT&T has expressed concerns regarding network efficiency and potential network congestion associated with certain applications, and Apple takes such concerns into consideration,” Apple said in its letter.

*iPhone® is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

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