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It seems like I’ve been all around the world these past few months, being in and out of Vegas, down to the Caribbean, and then up in the Midwest region. Anyways, I’m back on track again and I’ll be back in Las Vegas attending more World Series of Poker events. I’m sure most of you have heard by now that Phil Hellmuth has won his 11th bracelet, which is pretty exciting news for him. It’s funny though, because the last time I saw Hellmuth playing, he was doing absolutely terrible. A little bit of trivia that you might not know: Phil Hellmuth has won all of his bracelets playing no-limit Texas Holdem poker and no other game. Many argue that he is the best no-limit Texas Holdem poker player, but the counter argument is that Phil Hellmuth is only great at tournaments, and plays terribly when it comes to the big cash games at the Bellagio.

In addition to that bit of news, Phil Ivey almost snagged his 6th bracelet in what I believe was the $5000 buy-in Seven Card Stud World Championship. He made it very far, but ended up placing second at the final table. Regardless, I believe that Ivey won’t have much of a problem catching up to Hellmuth in terms of the number of bracelets each has.

I’ll have more information for you soon, and hopefully some photos. My digitial camera is a wreck so I’m going to be purchasing a new one soon.

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