basebaldy Takes Down Full Tilt Poker $750K Sunday Guarantee


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The Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guarantee tournament saw 3,157 players enter for a chance at winning the first prize of $132,787.50 to the winner. After dominating the final table basebaldy captured the prize for a big payday.

At the start of final table play basebaldy was in third place with the chip stacks looking like this:

playnwithnada – 1,655,079

ALLinwithdaBEST – 1,589,554

basebaldy – 1,546,034

thinkinghard – 1,544,976

JLizard – 1,230,997

ZioStefano – 1,142,585

BerkeleyBoss – 842,293

13TH BASS PRO – 576,280

MattZman – 423,202

13TH BASS PRO fell in ninth when he pushed all-in [Kh][Js] but encountered basebaldy’s pocket aces. No help came for 13TH BASS PRO as the board rolled out [Qc][9s][6s][4d][7c] to end his day. 13TH BASS PRO’s final table appearance would earn him $10,050.

JLizard’s chip stack took a huge hit when he doubled up BerkeleyBoss, his [Ac][Ks] falling to BerkeleyBoss’s pocket tens. JLizard earned $13,500 for an eighth place finish.

MattZman risked all of his chips on pocket jacks when he moved all-in over the top of a basebaldy raise and basebaldy called to show [Ah][Qc], putting the two in a coin flip situation. Basebaldy was granted an ace by the flop of [Ad][10d][10c] to take the lead. Now needing a jack MattZman saw the turn fall [Kh] and the river fall [7c]. MattZman’s seventh place finish was rewarded with $17,250.

BerkeleyBoss’s tournament life would come to an end when he called basebaldy’s all-in. Basebaldy had BerkeleyBoss covered and showed pocket queens, which held the advantage over BerekelyBoss’s pocket tens. A queen fell on the flop to give basebaldy his set. BerkeleyBoss finished in sixth place for a payday of $23,025.

Basebaldy’s next victim would be thinkinghard. Thinkinghard check-raised basebaldy all-in after the flop fell [8c][4s][3d]. Basebaldy would make the call an overpair of pocket queens, which dominated thinkinghard’s pocket sixes. Thinkinghard wouldn’t have to think anymore in this tournament as the [9s] landed on the turn and the [8h] landed on the river. Thinkinghard exited in fifth place, richer by $31,050.

ALLinwithdaBEST fell when he moved all-in with [Ac][9h] and playnwithnada called with a powerful [Ad][Kd]. The flop fell [Ks][10c][9c] to give both players a pair, but playnwithnada’s kings were the better hand. The [Jd] fell on the turn and the [5d] fell on the river to give the pot to paynwithnada. ALLinwithdaBEST collected a payday of $41,400 for his fourth place finish.

After taking a huge hit that brought his stack to less than two big blinds, ZioStefano threw his last chips into the pot on the next hand. . Basebaldy made the call and knocked ZioStefano out in third place. ZioStefano’s finish would be rewarded with $52,500.

Basebaldy held a 4:1 chip lead when heads-up play began, and would use it to his advantage in the short battle. Playnwithnada was holding onto [Ah][3d] when he moved all-in, but unfortunately for him basebaldy was holding onto [Ad][Ks]. No help came for playnwithnada on the board of [9d][8c][6h][10d][8d] and the tournament was over.

Playnwithnada earned $80,250 for finishing in second place while basebaldy collected the first place prize money of $132,787.50.

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