Bob Goodlatte Stiffs Poker Players and I’m back from Florida


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Well, I’m back from beautiful Miami South Beach and I’m as dark as a cup of coffee. I’ve been out of the loop for over a week now and I was shocked to read some recent news pertaining to us online poker players. Goodlatte and Leach’s Internet Gambling Prohibition bills passed legislature on May 26th. But wait, I read several more pages on this topic and found out more about exactly what this means to both you and me.

First of all, the bill didn’t pass as it had originally been written. More than several amendments had to be made to the bills in order for them to receive a 2/3 vote in Congress. The original intent was to completely ban all types of internet gambling, which was outrageous because of the clash with several international treaties and the fact that state laws would be overridden. Goodlatte and Leach failed miserably several times and had to amend their bills more and more until finally passing on May 26th.

The good news is that the bill’s name sounds worse than it really is. The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act doesn’t really prohibit anybody from participating in online gambling activities, including playing poker online, or even advertising online poker rooms (in the case of this website). Rather, the Internet Gambling Prohbition Act simply prohibits any US company from establishing a domestic-based internet gambling company.

So what does this mean for us? Well, not much really. All that it means is that you won’t be seeing any Las Vegas casinos launching any type of online gambling establishments. No multi-million dollar websites promoting casino games or poker either. The bill basically keeps things the way that they are right now.

I’m sure after reading all of that you are curious as to where I found this information. You can read more about the recent passing of the internet gambling prohibition act at CasinoMeister and you can read the details about exactly what was proposed and what was amended in’s article.


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