Carbon Poker Supersonic Sit & Go’s: A Fast Way to Quick Cash


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Supersonic Sit & Go'sCarbon Poker has created a new way to play sit & go’s, and they’re calling it “SuperSonic Sit & Go’s.” The game has been sped up to lightning speeds, and now players can play more hands in less time.

In any poker game – other than long MTT’s – fast money is possible. All it takes is a heater or – in a cash game – a monster hand. Of course, that takes more luck than skill. If you’re looking for quick cash, a better idea is to play in Carbon Poker’s Supersonic Sit & Go’s. They’re a new, exciting way to play SNG’s.

Supersonic Sit & Go’s are the fastest games on the Internet. They’re even faster than hyper turbo SNG’s. Each SNG is either a heads-up match or a 4-max table. Heads-up SNG’s start with 1,500 chips with the blinds increasing every minute. Players start with 300 in 4-max games and blinds increase every two minutes.

The benefit of playing Supersonic Sit & Go’s is you can make more money per hour than regular SNG’s. That’s not to say you can’t make big bucks playing regular SNG’s, but sometimes it’s nice to get in a game quickly. For example, let’s say you only have a short time before work and want to get in a little poker. Supersonic Sit & Go’s are the perfect solution.

Are Supersonic Sit & Go’s Actually Profitable?

Obviously, the main factor when choosing a game should be your ability to turn a profit. It would be silly to play poker games you consistently lose at. To answer the question, yes, you can turn a profit playing Supersonic Sit & Go’s. Even though blinds increase so quickly, there is still some skill involved.

Here’s the thing about these games. The players at your table will, 90% of the time, be completely clueless. They know that since stacks are so small they will just shove on nearly every hand. The key to these games is to have SOME patience but not too much patience. Never give your opponent too much credit. What we mean by that is you should overvalue any hand that, mathematically, is a good heads-up or 4-player hand (i.e. K-3, A-2, etc.).

These hands are good enough to make a call with (even J-9) on an all-in bet or to shove with. You will be called on almost every bet and your opponents will shove with virtually any 2 cards. So be prepared to make a call or shove with marginal hands. Ready to play the Internet’s fastest poker game? Join Carbon Poker today and start making money FAST!

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