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To acquire an accurate depiction of how quickly you’ll be able to receive your bonus, you can multiple you initial deposit by 15x to get a general figure. The multipliers to either grow or lessen dependent on how much money you deposit.

Peaking player interest further, you’ll be allotted another four deposit bonuses during the month of your initial deposit to help replenish your bankroll should you ever deplete it. While some casino options have better odds than others, it’s difficult to win consistently so you’ll likely need the extra help in rebuilding your stash. The bonuses are worth 50% each, so you’ll be adding a significant amount of extra cash by making another investment!

Winner Casino is a platform that prides itself on making sure that players have plenty of chances to earn extra money. While deposit bonuses are a way to address that, incorporating other promotions is a must to attract players other than the big-time casino gambler.

Make your first deposit now!


If you happen to know someone who is interested in playing on Winner Casino, or you have a friend that has recommended the site to you, there’s a $50 Refer-a-Friend bonus that you can receive by signing up with their help. You and you’re colleagues can be winners together, and what’s better than that?

You and a buddy will need to wager 100% of your deposits in order to release the free $50. In order to begin referring friends, or if someone wishes to refer you, they can click on the “Refer-a-Friend” link within the Winner Casino program and add up to 3 email addresses. After receiving the email, they can just click on the corresponding link to download Winner Casino’s software, make a deposit and begin playing! There are a few restrictions that apply, but it’s not much to worry about in terms of unlocking your bonus.

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Alternative Payment Method Bonus

It’s a bit of a surprise that a casino of this magnitude is looking to simply give away money. But that is essential what Winner Casino is doing by allowing real-money depositors the chance to earn a 15% bonus by choosing one of their select deposit methods.

You may wonder, what’s the catch? We’ve searched high and wide for an answer to this question, but couldn’t find a suitable solution. Obviously, most of the major credit cards and most popular deposit methods don’t carry additional deposit bonuses because of their frequency of use. Nonetheless, options such as Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Bank Transfer and Instant Wire Transfer all carry between 10%-15% deposit bonuses. There are a host of other available methods that carry similar promotions, and with a selection this wide you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up a brand new account for usage.

Local payment providers are from all across the world: Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Australia, Austria, Russia, Denmark, Poland and Sweden to name a few.

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Make your first deposit now!


“Scared money doesn’t make money” is a mantra that reign supreme in the environment of casinos. In order to become an elite player, you need to shell out the cash. Winner Casino’s jackpot slots award million dollar bonuses to lucky individuals who have enough guile to bet for maximum value. Although you can win slot jackpots by making the minimum bet, you also won’t set yourself up for retirement when you win. Instead, you’re better off wagering the maximum amount of lines so you can bring home the bacon!

Several games such as The Incredible Hulk and their biggest progressive slot Beach Life draw thousands of players every day at an attempt to win life-changing money. One of the largest jackpots awarded on the site was a $8,211,488 score on February 12, 2012, and exorbitant amount of cash that would leave most people breathless. You could be that next individual, as the Beach Life jackpot regularly reaches $1,000,000!

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Comp Points and VIP Levels

Similar in execution to a brick and mortar casino, players can earn Comp Points that give them the ability to earn cash and rewards based on their rate of play. Depending on what VIP level you’re in, you’ll earn Comp Points at the corresponding ratio.

Ranging from Select up to Royal Plus, there are a total of 7 different levels that players can work their way through. Select, Elegance, Elite, Premium, Premium Plus, Royal and Royal Plus are each of them. Starting off at a very basic level, you’ll want to move up as quickly as possible to earn faster withdrawal rates, withdrawal funds for higher amounts, and also convert your cash at better rates. Becoming a member of the Royal family will feel nearly as special as the marriage of Prince William and Kate!

As you begin to move your way up, the Winner Casino support team will email you regarding the advantages and rewards that await you at your most recently acquired level. A nice way to welcome you to a new invitation-only club, you’ll feel noble for achieving such a prominent status on the site.

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Deposit Bonus Code and Signing Up

It won’t be necessary to search through various sites to look for a special bonus code, you can find everything you need right here on! It’s very simple; go to the Winner Casino site by clicking on any of the links you find on our devoted web pages and you’ll be set to go! By signing up and making your deposits through us, you’ll be giving yourself a great chance at success by receiving amazing deposit bonuses and outstanding promotions!

Make your first deposit now!