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CoolCat Casino General Information

Despite their keen ability to stay out of the limelight, CoolCat Casino has been a successful online casino vendor since 2002. Their brightest attributes lie in the form of their outstanding customer service and variety of casino options, and players who enjoy dispersing their bankroll amongst various different games should be drawn to CoolCat Casino.

One of the site’s most admired characteristics is its determination in involving all types of players. From the casual attendee to the avid professional, players with many different personality types can enjoy what their casino offers. Although real-money play garners most of the attention, recreational gamblers who wish to get their feet wet may do so at the convenience of no monetary risk.

Many computer platforms are supported on CoolCat Casino, including both Mac and PC. If you’re a Mac user, CoolCat Casino has a gorgeous Flash-based program that can be run from your desktop. The Flash version is also helpful in the sense that you can take your play to any accommodating environment, including work, school, or any public computer that provides access to their web site.

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CoolCat Casino Layout

Not many online casino enterprises would consider the name “CoolCat” without living up to its moniker. The cool 3-D rendered graphics and smooth sound feedback give virtual gameplay new life. Those who haven’t spent much time with an online casino will be blown away by CoolCat Casino’s level of detail, and it compares nicely with that of a real-life casino environment.

The lobby for CoolCat casino is average, although it provides visitors with easy access to over 100 casino games. For new players, games for which you have little to no prior knowledge, can now be given a chance due to their innovative “game preview” menu. Before selecting a game to play, by single-clicking, players can see a virtual screenshot of the game, along with specific instructions on the game’s goal and what knowledge may be required before sitting down. By including this unique feature, you’ll never need to spend your hard-earned money losing in a game of which you’ve never played.

When viewing the lobby for the first time, you’ll be given the opportunity to select from various types of casino games. Excluded by category, table games, slots, video poker, specialty games and even chosen favorites can be picked from the main lobby.

Cashier needs, account balances, customer support numbers and messages from the CoolCat Casino staff members may also be found here.

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Customer Service at CoolCat

As denoted on their homepage, CoolCat Casino “strives to provide the best online casino experience for new and existing players.” In order to follow through on this promise, they’ve assembled a dedicated support team, all of whom addresses site issues with accuracy and expertise. On top of that, they focus on ensuring that all players have a safe and secure environment to play within, as that trait has slowly become the primary component of customer retention within any online casino in recent years.

If you ever need to get a hold of a staff member, you’ll have 24-hour access to their award-winning support group. You may choose the method you prefer: telephone, fax, or live help; and they’ll all be equally helpful in solving your inquiry.

Security and privacy control have nearly been reinvented since recent U.S. legislation has suggested that online gaming sites and payment processors have been blurring the lines of legality. CoolCat Casino, realizing that both players and businesses are under more pressure than ever, have taken precautions to assist in making members feel confident in their selection of their platform, and that they have a reliable place to play.

In order to solidify that fact, they’ve included privacy and secuity statements that give step-by-step details on all of the protocols CoolCat Casino implements to ensure player safety. Account information, protecting winnings, computer protection, and age verification are just a few of the topics, and several of the more crucial subjects have lengthy dispositions.

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CoolCat Casino Games

This category may be one of the last things you’ll need to worry about on CoolCat Casino. Online casinos have come a long way since providing almost exclusively table games, and now players who enjoy multiple facets of real-money play have a plethora of alternatives.

Slot machines, card games, video poker and speciality options are all included on this platform. To be more specific, you can play Blackjack, Roulette, “Glitz and Glamour”, or “White Rhino” at your leisure, no matter where your interest lies. Nearly every game has its own unique features, and before you select a game you’ll often be presented with the important nuances of each.

Due to the inclusion of multiple platforms, the download version and Flash version of the casino carry different gaming options. Some game types require the download version, so if you’re favorite game isn’t available, be sure to visit both platforms before losing confidence.

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CoolCat Casino spent a great deal of energy on making sure that players from all demographics could take part in their games. In turn, they’ve offered a wide array of stakes, from mere pennies to several thousand dollars, to make sure that everyone could stay in action.

Obviously, certain games have betting limits. However, in most instances players can opt to play another similar game (often in the same category) that provides a higher betting limit. In other words, there may be several slot machines or Blackjack tables that spread a limit higher than another table.

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Player Rewards with CoolCat

By signing up with us here on, after depositing on CoolCat Casino you’ll receive an exclusive 400% deposit match. A bonus you won’t find anywhere else, players who click through our links will reap extraordinary benefits. This offer is available to any new signee, so if you haven’t already joined CoolCat Casino, do so now!

CoolCat Casino loves to give money back to the players, and more often than not they do so in the form of monthly promotions. CoolCat Casino brings exciting financial opportunities such as the 1000% Bonus Explosion Cash Giveaway and Jurassic Jackpot right to you, so you can begin earning additional bonus funds as quickly as possible. After signing up, you’ll frequently stay informed of these promotions through email, so don’t worry about staying up to date with the newest advertisements.

But despite these great ideas, the most consistent form of earning cash on CoolCat Casino lies in their Comp Points system. Every player who participates in real-money play will be earning Comp Points, and depending on how much you wager and how frequently, you can rack up large quantities of these in no time.

Comp Points are a loyalty program, where players earn 1 point for every dollar they wager. After earning a good amount, you can redeem your points for prizes and cash!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Available with CoolCat Casino

Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Click2Pay, Moneybookers, American Express, Person-to-Person, and Prepaid Card.

Withdrawal Options: Neteller, Click2Pay, BankWire, Bankcheks, QuickTender, and Check.

Some restrictions do apply. Check with the CoolCat Casino web site for specifics.

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