Dream Team Poker Set For March


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dreamteamLast year at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino there was a new style of poker tournament that was introduced to the poker world and that style of tournament was called Team Poker. The tournament is run by a company called Dream Team Poker which is located in Las Vegas, NV and when they put on the first ever team poker event at the Hard Rock players were questioning whether or not the style would have success or not. Well to the delight of many the tournament did very well and even had a lot of people standing on the rail to catch the action.

It is now 2009 and because of the success that the first team poker tournament event had, the officials at Dream Team Poker are going to be putting on another team poker tournament but this time it is going to be held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV. The tournament this time is open to the public and is scheduled to take place from March 27-29. The first team poker event had a buy-in for each player of $1,000 but this next tournament is going to have a buy-in for each player set at $550 and the reason is because Dream Team Poker wants to attract more players/teams to participate in this one of a kind tournament. For each team that signs up each member of the team will receive a custom team jersey, a welcome gift, discount hotel rates and admission to the welcome party and the winners ceremony.

If you are sitting there wondering what exactly team poker then prepare to be excited. Team poker is a normal tournament but the kicker is each player will belong to a team of three players that are all playing in the tournament. Each team will be playing the tournament and trying to last as long as possible because the earlier you get knocked out of the tournament the more points you will earn and the goal in team poker is to have the least amount of points. The way you earn points is what ever place you are knocked out of the tournament in then that is the number of points you receive. However the first player on each team to get knocked out of the tournament gets a pass and their points do not count toward the team total unless the tournament ends in a tie. So for example player 3 gets knocked out in 42 place and players 1 &2 get knocked out in 9th & 2nd, well then the team total would be 11 because the points for player 3 do not count toward team total.

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