Drunk Guy Confuses Casino Poker with Online Poker


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Players, dealers, and floor managers all confirm that a severely intoxicated man had an extremely difficult time differentiating the real casino poker game from the online poker sites that he plays at home.

Players first recognized the man’s over intoxication when he yelled to them “Stop hiding your damn numbers! I need to see how much you have in your chip stack and the size of the pot!” The players were not immediately confused by the man’s comments, thinking it was just a joke.

The players did become confused at the next absurd comment the drunk man made when he came back from the bathroom. “Damnit! I thought I clicked the post blind button! How come I wasn’t dealt in?!?” The poker table immediately erupted in laughter and the attention of the floor managers was caught. One player said “It didn’t really hit me until he said that he wanted to use his time bank and take another two minutes to make his decision. This guy was wild!”

The floor managers began watching the game from a distance and witnessed the man announcing his moves before the action even neared him. “Raise any!” “Call Any!” “Fold!” The floor managers didn’t decide to bother him until they noticed that he was wandering over to the cashier’s cage and asking what his account balance was. “It was time we intervened and watched out for this guy’s safety.”

“It was the most amusing thing I’ve ever seen at a poker table! I kind of felt bad for the guy though; he was pressing his finger on the table’s pad as if there were buttons that he could push. The best part is that he was shocked that everybody could here him!”

“I’ve been pretty drunk before, but this was outrageous. The guy must’ve blown away at least $1000 by the time the floor managers cashed him out and booked a room for him. At least I’ve never been drunk enough to try and use my disconnect protect in a live game!”


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