Earn $50 free at Full Tilt Poker.


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From September 1st to September 30th, Full Tilt Poker will be giving the opportunity for players to earn $50 dollars easily, and also give them more bonus FTP points.

Full Tilt Poker is known for having Happy Hours, Iron Man competitions, and huge promotions which you will receive bonus money.  Now, Full Tilt is at it again.

Over the course of the next month, players will have the opportunity to get a free $50 just by playing two tables at the same time for only 1 FTP point.  This new promotion is called “Take 2“.

The concept of this promotion is playing at least two tables at once.  All a player must do is earn at least 1 FTP point on both of these tables.  Sure you can just get your 2 FTP in and run, but you will also earn double FTP points while playing at these two tables.  Playing during the 2x Happy Hour late night? You will receive double points for that as well.

Here is how it will work:

Play in 5 of the 30 days, Take 2 pays out $5 bonus.

Play in 10 of the 30 days, Take 2 pays out $10 bonus, making the accumulate bonus $15.

Play in 15 of the 30 days, Take 2 will pay out another $10 bonus, totaling $25.

Play in 25 of the 30 days, Take 2 pays out $25 bonus, and the total adds up to $50.

Note: Keep in mind that all bonuses will be paid out at the end of the promotion.

To take advantage of this promotion, just go to your Cashier and click on My Promotions to sign up.

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