Earn up to €2 Million through Switch Poker’s Aeroplane Promo


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Win 2 Million with Switch Poker via MacPokerOnlineSwitch Poker has just launched a promotion called “Aeroplane”, which could give players the opportunity to buy their own private plane when everything is said and done. You can earn up to €2 million by referring friends to this popular mobile poker site, which definitely makes the Aeroplane promo worth discussing further. Unfortunately for US residents, mobile poker and mobile casino is only available to non-US countries, hence this promotion is not good for US residents.

Getting Started with SwitchPoker

Normally any time you’re offered the chance to make up to €2 million, it’s through an email found in your spam box. But you can put any skepticism aside for this promotion because it’s actually a pretty reasonable deal. To get started, you need to sign up at Switch Poker if you’re not already a member. The main requirement for signing up here includes having a smartphone that runs Android, iOS or Windows software.

Once you’re officially a member, you need to begin referring friends – or any poker player you even remotely know – to Switch Poker. For every friend you refer, you’ll receive 5% of the revenue they generate for life. So if your buddy generates €1,000 in rake every month, you’ll get €50 monthly just for taking the time to sell them on this site. The cap on how many friends you can refer through this promotion is 20, and you must refer at least 5 people before earnings can be withdrawn.

Friend of a Friend for SwitchPoker

What’s great about Aeroplane is that the money doesn’t simply stop at the friends you send to this site. Instead, each of your referrals becomes the “pilot of their own plane” and can direct up to 20 people to Switch Poker. What this means is that friends of your friends will be generating money for you. These rewards continue through six levels, as you can see from the following figure:

Level 1 – Up to 20 passengers, receive 5% of their rake.

Level 2 – Up to 400 passengers, receive 5% of their rake.

Level 3 – Up to 8,000 passengers, receive 2% of their rake.

Level 4 – Up to 160,000 passengers, receive 2% of their rake.

Level 5 – Over 1 million passengers, receive 1% of their rake.

Level 6 – Over 1 million passengers, receive 1% of their rake.

Aeroplane is quite possibly the most extensive and lucrative referral program in online poker history. And while it’s going to be a little hard to reach that €2 million earnings cap, you can definitely make some excellent money off of this promotion!

Join SwitchPoker.com now, and get started with mobile poker and earning money.

SwitchPoker is Safe and Convenient

When referring players, one thing you can take comfort in is knowing that you’re not boarding passengers onto a doomed flight. In other words, Switch Poker is one of the safest and most secure poker sites in the business.

Any information provided to this site stays with the company and won’t get passed around to seedy telemarketers. Plus the high-tech encryption software here prevents hackers from stealing players’ personal information. Our overall point is that your friends won’t become foes because you referred them to some third-world poker site where a Nigerian prince frequently requests fund transfers.

In the end, your buddies will probably thank you for sending them to Switch Poker just for the convenience factor alone. This mobile room enables Android, iPad and iPhone owners to grind in real money poker games from anywhere on the planet. So if you’re sitting in a restaurant waiting for food, on an airplane, or riding a bus, you can pull out your mobile device and play at Switch.


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