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We all hate being spammed. We sign up on some website and then we start getting junk e-mail by the dozens. This is a concern of our visitors, and we have received multiple e-mails on this subject.

Most online gambling sites have very strict privacy policies and will not share your information with anyone unless required by law. We have never suddenly started receiving spam after signing up at an online gambling site. The gambling site will start sending you their newsletter detailing their bonuses and upcoming events when you sign up, and this is the only correspondence you will receive in your e-mail box once you sign up with a site. While some may consider the newsletters spam and delete them immediately, they aren’t truly spam.

Of course, there are bound to be sites that do give out your email address to third parties. That is why you do need to be careful in order to avoid spam. The best way to figure out if you will get spammed is by reading the site’s privacy policy. If it leaves you with any doubt about whether you will get spammed after signing up, just choose a different site.

All of the sites we advertise will not cause you to get spammed, although you may have to suffer receiving their constant barrage of newsletters. Most sites say that if you sign up with them you are giving your consent to receive their newsletter.

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