Five-Way Deal Made in Poker Stars Sunday Million


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The Poker Stars Sunday Million saw the last five players spend nearly half an hour to reach a final table deal. The deal left $30,000 up for grabs, and it would go to the eventual winner, drritalin.

Here are the chip stacks at the beginning of final table play:

ggiillaadd – 15,455,000

drritalin – 14,670,216

herdgolf86 – 9,750,193

mrvogt – 7,929,158

Winn8D – 7,103,357

hiclimber – 6,243,555

Aftret – 6,387,148

JSchnett – 4,743,206

Mozitas 3,488,167

The first to vacate their seat at the final table would be hiclimber, who opened the hand with a raise of 777,777 and then responded to Aftret’s reraise by moving all-in. Hiclimber was holding onto pocket tens, which were easily dominated by Aftret’s pocket kings. Aftret hit the flop hard as the [Kc][Kh][8h] made him quad kings. Hiclimber exited in ninth place, richer by $10,607.80.

Mozitas also fell to the power of a dominating hand, having moved all-in with [Ac][Qs] only to come up against herdgolf86’s [Ad][Kc]. The board would not give any help to the beleaguered mozitas, who collected $17,427.10 for finishing in eighth place.

JSchnett exited in seventh when he shoved with [As][10c] and fell in a race to ggiillaadd and his pocket nines. The flop of [10d][9d][4d] gave JSchnett a pair, but it also gave ggiillaadd his set. No further help came for JScnett who received $26,519.50.

Herdgolf86 would fall when he pushed all-in with [Qh][Jc] and came up against Aftret and his dominating [Ah][Qd]. The board ran out [Kh][7h][5c][3h][4h] to give both players a flush, but Aftret’s held the nut flush. Herdgolf86 earned $38,642.70 for finishing in sixth place.

Then with five players remaining a deal was struck, paying out the following amounts while leaving $30,000 for the winner:

ggiillaadd: $114,355

drritalin: $106,021

mrvogt: $96,458

Artret: $92,881

Winn8D: $78,701

Winn8D tried to double up after being dealt pocket jacks, but would see Aftret’s pocket tens crack his jacks. A ten fell on the [Kh][Qs][10s] flop to give Aftret his set and Winn8d was officially eliminated after the turn of [3h] and the river of [Kc]. Winn8D earned his deal ordained $78,701.

Mrvogt then exited in fourth place when he took his [Kh][10c] up against Aftret’s pocket kings. Aftret’s kings made a full house when the flop landed [Ks][4s][4h] and mrvogt could do nothing but collect his $96,458.

Aftret would not be able to sustain his ascent and fell in third place, doing so when he moved in with [Ah][10h] and ggiillaadd called with [Ad][Qh]. The board was entirely unspectacular as it fell [Kd][Jc][3d][6h][6s] to end Aftret’s tournament. Afret collected his $92,881.

Ggiillaadd held a large chip lead at the beginning of heads-up play, 52 million chips to drritalin’s 23.5 million. Drritalin would win the tournament shortly after winning a big coin flip. In the final hand drritalin and ggiillaadd saw a flop of [6h][6s][4c]. Both players checked and the turn fell [3d]. Giillaadd threw out a bet and drritalin called. The river fell [5s] and drritalin threw out a bet large enough to put ggiillaadd all-in. Ggiillaadd called and showed his [8s][4s] for two pair, sixes and fours, but drritaling showed [6c][5d] for a victorious full house.

GGiillaadd would collect his $114,355 and drritalin earned an extra $30,000 for a total of $136,021.

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