Free Bonus from Full Tilt Poker


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Full Tilt PokerPlayers usually have to deposit money to get bonus cash from poker sites, Full Tilt is going against that.  From now until August 16th, players have the opportunity to earn $100 free from Full Tilt.  Full Tilt Poker is giving this money away during the launching of their new software.  Any player who has earned FTPoints before July 28th, 2009 will be allowed to participate in this.

This bonus will be credited like any other bonus.  Money will be granted incrementally to your account based on amount of money that is raked in cash games or in tournament fees.  Increments will be $10 and players have 720 hours (30 days) to finish this bonus.  If you do not finish your bonus, any bonus money made and bonus money to be had will be forfeited back to Full Tilt poker.

To receive your bonus, simply log into Full Tilt Poker and:

  • Click Requests at the top of the page
  • Go to Check my Bonus offer
  • Hit Accept when the window pops up.

Immediately after doing so, your bonus will begin.  You can check your bonus progress at any time by going to the cashier and clicking Bonus Account.

If you haven’t played on Full Tilt, you can still sign up and take advantage of their 100% bonus up to $600!. Click here to sign up!

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