Free iPad or iPod Touch For Non-US Poker Players


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Free iPad or iPod Touch For Non-US Poker Players

FREE iPad and iPod TouchesSwitch Poker is gracefully offering FREE iPads and iPod Touches just by having you play the game we all love, by playing poker on your mac mobile phone or other.

Why not get these products as an added bonus just for playing – right? Well, at Switch Poker you can; unfortunately for US players, it is only available to non-US players.< /br>
It is quite simple to get your free iPads and free iPod Touches, simply deposit €50 and enter the deposit code: FREEIPOD for your free iPod Touch – or – deposit €150 and add in the deposit code: FREEIPAD for your free iPad. Needless to say, you will need to play poker as mentioned before, but you only need 60k SPPs for the iPod Touch, and 100k SPPs for your iPad, which as added above, it is something you would be doing anyway by playing the game you were already going to be playing before.

Switch Poker is probably one of the only locations and sites you will be able to play poker from your iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad, with No-Limit Hold’em tables and games available of €2/€4 – real money games; so… do not wait long enough to make your move here, and play poker at Switch Poker Now!

Remember, it is a €229 and a €499 value for FREE!

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