FTOPS X Event #1 In The Books


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Hello all you Full Tilt Online Poker Series fans. The first event is in the books and wow was it a big one. the tournament attracted more than 5,100 players and had a guaranteed prize pool of $1,024,800. Wow is that a huge prize pool or what and that’s just the first tournament.

The tournament was a $200+$16 NL Hold em’ 6-max. The tournament lasted for over eight hours before the remaining six were finally at the final table. Listed below are the chip stacks of the players that made it to the final table.

1. davin77 – $4.86 million
2. smoothhustler – $4.14 million
3. sistersue056 – $7.89 million
4. fagi – $3.81 million
5. Bog25 – $2.14 million
6. alwaystrustme – $2.76 million

The final table was filled with intense action and some very skilled plays the minute the first hand was dealt. The only thing was Davin77 and Bog25 were the ones that mostly dominated the entire table until it was down to just the two of them. The heads up match was dominated from the start, because Davin77 held a 3-to-1 chip lead over Bog25. Davin77 had over nineteen million in chips and Bog25 had just over six million. It was not long before Davin77 was able to take all the chips from Bog25 and be declared the champion of event #1. For his efforts and skill, Davin77 was rewarded with $195,757.

Below is a complete list of participants and what the results were of the final table:

6. fagi – $30,744
5. alwaystrustme – $45,091.20
4. sistersue056 – $61,488
3. smoothhustler – $83,213.67
2. bog25 – $119,901.60
1. davin77 – $195,757

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