FTOPS X Event #10 Mixed Limit


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So you can’t really say which style of Texas Hold Em’ you are better at playing during tournaments. Well Full Tilt Poker has got you covered with the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #10 Mixed Limit tournament. If you don’t know what a mixed limit tournament actually means then let me tell you. A mixed limit tournament is when you play a series of hands set at the No-Limit style of play and then switch to play the Limit style of play. Usually the style of play is played in hands of ten before thye switch over to the other style. In Event #10 it saw 667 poker players pay $300+$22 to take their shot at a large pay day. With the guaranteed prize pool just under $250,000, the large pay that would go to the first place prize money would be just over $57,000, which is a very good sum of money for anyone.

After hours of play that could make a kid with ADHD fall asleep, the tournament was finally down to the last nine players. Going into the final table it was “–doney1965–” that had a huge chip lead and he even took that chip lead down to heads up play between “mrmudd76”. However later in heads up play, it was “mrmudd76” that was able to take the chip lead away from “–doney1965–” and never look back. That being said, “mrmudd76” was able to leave the table with a nice sum of $57,000 in his Full Tilt Poker account.

Below is a complete list of final table contestants and their results.

1. MrMudd76 – $57,500
2. –DONEY1965– – $36,250
3. Hooligan Sponge – $26,875
5. swd805 – $15,625
6. Don_Timon – $11,250
7. tysonm – $7,500
8. AllAboutHonour – $5,850
9. roundhouse22 – $4,250

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