FTOPS X Event #15 Omaha Hi/Lo


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It’s now time for a change from the mixed games that we have been seeing as of lately for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series. It’s now time for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #15 which is the Omaha Hi/Lo tournament which held a $200+$16 entry fee. The tournament attracted a very nice crowd of players totalling 1,025 which boasted a guaranteed prize pool of $205,000. that means the winner of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #15 will receive a very nice cut of that guaranteed prize pool totalling $46,125. If you don’t already know, when you play Omaha Hi/Lo, the game can take a while because of the fact that a lot of the pots if played correctly can end up being chopped between the players involved in the hand. That is exactly what happened during the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #15.

Even though an Omaha Hi/Lo game can take a lot longer to complete than any other normal game, this was not true for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #15 final table. In fact it had to do to the fact that online poker professional “johnnybax” basically just steam rolled the entire final table with knockout after knockout. In the end of heads up play, it saw the professional “johnnybax” take down “danielle123” for the victory and for the prize money totalling $46,125.

Below is a complete list of final table contestants and their results.

1. JohnnyBax – $46,125
2. danielle123 – $29,213.50
3. Raposa Felpuda – $21,628.50
4. Ram Vaswani – $16,913.50
5. STEALTH714 – $12,813.50
6. evil eye 22 – $9,225
7. hilokunto – $6,150
8. satfat – $4,613.50
9. Will_B_D – $3,280

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