FTOPS X Event #3 It’s A Shootout


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A shootout style tournament is a style of tournament that is becoming widely popular now a days in the world of poker. The way a shootout tournament works is when you have all players take their seats at their respected tables and each table plays down to its last remaining player. There are never any player table changes and the only time a player does change a table is when all other tables are down to their last player as well. That is when table winners form a new table and do the exact same thing by playing down to one player again. That style of play is kept up until you have a final table and then eventually a tournament winner.

Well that was the format for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series for Event #3 the other day and online player “mrvogt” came out victorious. the tournament started with 729 entrants and that means the tournament started with 81 different tables. That means mrvogt was able to withstand every table he was put on and in the end came out with the win. On top of that he walked away from the table with a $76,000 donation to his Full Tilt Poker account.

Below is a list of all players involved in the final table and what the results were.

1. mrvogt – $76,545
2. runmowgli – $51,030
3. zman2224 – $36,450
4. misterliquor – $27,337.50
5. hockeymaniax – $20,047.50
6. bubbagump29 – $14,580
7. faborizer – $10,206
8. tiahuanico – $6,925.50
9. fromabove – $4,920.75

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