FTOPS X Event #4 Results


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Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #4 was a NLHE event and had an entry fee of $300+$22, but you could have the option of paying almost $966 if you wanted to though. What I mean is Event #4 is a one rebuy and one add-on style tournaments so if you get unlucky and lose all your chips you could then buy back into the tournament for another $300+$22. During the tournaments first break that is scheduled, each player had the option to spend another $300+$22 to receive more chips. So that’s how only one player could possibly spend $966 for the tournament if they chose to. At the start of the tournament there was a total of 815 entrants and out of all those players 558 decided to rebuy into the tournament once they lost their first stack of chips. At the start of the first scheduled break of the tournament when the add-on option became available, 538 players decided to pay to have more chips added to their stack.

When the final table first began, Full Tilt Poker red pro Aaron Bartley held a commanding chip lead and even going into the final three Aaron still held a healthy chip lead. However online player “grampajeff” who was last in chips going into the final three came back to win the event. Unfortunately Aaron Bartely could not hold onto the lead and was eliminated in third place. With the win that “grampajeff” earned, he took home a healthy $138,000 first place prize.

Below is a complete list of all final table participants and their results.

1. grampajeff – $138,000
2. mightpirate – $87,000
3. Aaron Bartley – $64,500
4. mrcall912 – $49,500
5. dbones6 – $37,500
6. djmanga – $27,000
7. darrenelias – $18,000
8. raidalot – $14,040
9. shakar513 – $10,200

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