FTOPS X Event #5 Didn’t See A Limit To Action


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It’s the end of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #5 and even though it was a Limit Hold em’ event, the amount of action seen was limitless. Full Tilt Online Poker Series X Event #5 was a $200+$16 Limit Hold em’ 6-max tournament which attracted a very nice sum of 879 players. The guaranteed prize pool was to be set at $150,00, but with so many entrants the prize pool was knocked up to $175,800. That means the winner will receive a nice payment of $37,533 and the runner up would receive $24,612.

When the final table began there were a couple of players that seemed to be dominating the table right from the start because only a couple of hands into the final table a player was already eliminated from contention. The names of these online players that dominated the action were “tommy2tyme” and “kometen1”. A matter a fact the final two players at the table were in fact the two of them after they ganged up on a former FTOPS winner “voguepergola”. It did not take long for the tournament to end once the heads up play began because of the high level of blinds. The player holding a 2-1 chip lead going into heads up action was “kometen1” but unfortunately they were unable to hold the lead as “tommy2tyme” made a comeback and was declared the winner. Congrats on the win “tommy2tyme”.

Below is a complete list of final table participants and results.

1. tommy2tyme – $37,533
2. kometen1 – $24,612
3. voguepergola – $17,580
4. jallajalla12 – $13,360
5. thankstwink – $9,493
6. torskii – $6,065

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