FTOPS X Event #7 $100+$9 Rebuy


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It comes to that time again when we report on the end of a Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event and this time it’s the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #7 that has finally ended. This FTOPS Event has a buy-in of $100+$9 and the format is a No-Limit Hold em’ rebuy tournament with the option of an add-on at the tournaments first scheduled break. The tournament is not like the first rebuy tournament during the tenth Full Tilt Online Poker Series, because in this tournament a player may rebuy as many times as they may like until the first scheduled break at which time they will be given the option to add more chips onto their stack. This FTOPS Event attracted nearly 1,900 players and of those players there was a total of 2,658 rebuys with 1,083 players using their option to use the add-on option during the tournaments first break.

It was finally down to the last remaining players at the final table and online players “cane3418” and “tomsk400” stepped it up big time by dominating the final table until the two of them were finally heads up with each other. When the heads up match began, the two players were pretty much dead even in chips, but “cane3418” edged out “tomsk400” by $300,000 chips with a total of $4,64 million in chips. When the last hand was dealt, “tomsk400” made a flush on the turn with 7(s)6(s) when the board read 10(s)2(s)A(c)Q(s) and went all-in, but was called by “cane3418” with the K(s)8(h) which gave him the higher flush draw and a straight draw which would not help him if he caught. However the river was dealt the J(s) which completed a flush for “cane3418” and also gave him the tournament win.

Below is a complete list of tournament final table results.

1. cane3418 – $123,600
2. tomsk400 – $81,600
3. 4xtrader – $60,600
4. van voot – $47,400
5. hixx – $35,400
6. fromthagroundup – $24,600
7. the aviator1 – $15,000
8. stinky budz – $10,200
9. icgoodthings – $7,200

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