FTOPS X Event #8 NLHE Six-Max


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It is yet again another Full Tilt Online Poker Series which has come to an end and this time it is Event #8. This Full Tilt Online Poker Series event once again brings back the popular 6-max tables for a No-Limit Hold Em’ tournament with a $240+$16 entry fee. You ask why are the 6-max tables so popular? Well that is because with a 6-max table you get more action during hands and players can’t just sit back. The reason is the blinds come around a lot faster since there are less players at the table. You can tell by the popularity of the style of format, because 3,499 players paid the $240+$16 entry fee to play in the tournament. With all of these players entering the tournament, it allowed for a $699,800 guaranteed prize pool.

Once the tournament was started it took hours upon hours of play before the tournament was finally cut down to it’s last remaining six players. The action that took place at the final table was extremely fast and the quest for heads up play did not take long and the players that made it to heads up play were “whatariver1” and “emansnrg”. The heads up match did take a little while to decide because both players were very gifted at the game of poker, but in the end Event #8 belonged to “whatariver1” who was declared the champion and given a nice pay day of over $137,000 for his efforts.

Below are the complete list of final table participants and the results they posted.

1) whatariver1 – $137,153
2) emansnrg – $86,075
3) fzth1 – $58,783
4) gogogivestack – $45,487
5) eddystoefs – $31,840
6) zapatero – $21,693

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