FTOPS X Event #9 Monster Turnout


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The turnout for Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #9 can be explained in just one word “MONSTER”. That is because 5,370 players entered Event #9 which was a No-Limit Hold em’ event which held a $300+$22 entry fee. The guaranteed prize pool for the tournament was listed at $1.5 million, but after the large number of entries they received the guaranteed prize pool was raised to over an astonishing $1.6 million. That being said, the winner of Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event $9 will receive a whopper of a pay check totalling over $277,000. The Full Tilt Online Poker Series took several hours to complete and that is due to the fact that so many players paid to play in this certain tournament will this be the last FTOPS that we see with this many poker players take part in. Of Course Not.

It was an impressive final table during the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #9. It saw the chip leader going into the final table take his stack and triple it even more by taking out the other players at the table. It also saw the short stack going into the final table, basically with one foot out the door, mount an unbelievable comeback to go heads up with the tables chip leader. So it was a classic heads up match of the short stack going heads up with the chip leader. The players I am referring to are the chip leader “bigdogpckt5s” and the short stack “xtheory”. however in the end even after an awesome fight put up by “xtheory”, it was “bigdogpckt5s” who’s hand was raised victorious.

Below is a list of the final table participants and the results they posted in their effort glory.

1. bigdogpckt5s – $277,929
2. xtheory – $168,349
3. megax82 – $108,259
4. stamdogg – $84,577
5. lapozie – $63,634
6. pocketrockets11 – $47,524
7. wachovia – $37,053
8. sn8wman – $28,192
9. fdidier8 – $20,943

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