Full Tilt Poker Broadcasts Poker After Dark


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Have any of you guys been watching that new poker show that’s been showing late at night? It’s the one called “Poker After Dark” and has a bunch of famous poker players playing against each other for a huge prize, $120,000. The show has been broadcast six nights per week and is intended to be on the air every single week for the year. According to Full Tilt Poker, Poker After Dark is supposed to be a the highest profile poker show in the history of network television.

Players are at an advantage too. Full Tilt Poker is giving away complimentary seats to players who qualify by playing poker online at FullTiltPoker.com. These seats can be won via freerolls and sit n go poker tournaments. Players who win a seat to be on Poker After Dark will also be given a prize package of $25,000 and flight to Las Vegas, where the game is being played.


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