Full Tilt Releases Rush Poker Beta for Android, not iPhone


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Just a week after SwitchPoker.com launched the first real-money iPad and iPhone site, Full Tilt is ready to send Rush Poker to mobile devices.

Full Tilt has released a beta version of Rush Poker for Android phones, meaning more real money mobile gaming is on the way.   A full beta test will probably be available in a few weeks, but for now trials are limited to Black Card holders.  You can obtain a Full Tilt Black Card by maintaining a 500 FTP average for 100 days.

The program is flash-based, so the iPhone is not part of the beta.  There are also worries that Apple won’t approve real money poker into the App Store.  A source close to Full Tilt told Pokernewsdaily.com, “I don’t think we’ll see it available for the iPhone any time soon, certainly not this year.”

Right now games are limited to real and play money Rush Poker.  If you haven’t tried Rush Poker yet, it’s just like regular Hold’em, only after any action in a Rush Poker hand, players are taken away to a new seat at a new table.  The game allows each player to see about 300 hands per hour.

Once Rush mobile goes live, Full Tilt will have joined Switch Poker as the only real money poker sites to make the leap to mobile devices.  On Oct. 8, SwitchPoker.com launched a browser based site that was iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch friendly.

NOTE: Given Full Tilt Poker closed down to online poker, we recommend that you play online poker at 888Poker for non-US players and BetOnline Poker for US players.

In addition, if you wish to play poker online through your iPhone and iPad for real money, non-US players can play at Switch Poker now.

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