Fun at Canterbury Card Club


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Ya, today was the big “666” and all those people who believe in crazy things happening probably realized that all is well. I decided to test my luck on this unlucky day by venturing to my favorite brick and mortar card room, the Canterbury Park Card Club.

My luck was on, and so was my skill. I managed to win several hundred dollars at the $4/$8 fixed limit Texas Holdem table there and walked away with a few extra friends. I have to say though, this table was perfect for my style of play. I wish all tables were like this. Although there were only nine players at the table, it wasn’t uncommon to have at least five or six people see the flop. On numerous occasions I would raise with a big hand from under the gun and get between three and four other cold callers. The best part was that I could bet on the flop whether I hit a hand or not and at least half of them would drop, which also made it heads up between me and one other person a few times. I got him to drop on the turn or river anyways.

I did mention that I have a website for internet poker players to some of the guys there. While a couple of them seemed interested to check it out, there was an older gentleman who had an opposing opinion about my Mac poker site. He went on to grovel about how it’s rigged and everybody loses their money playing poker online, no matter if they are on a PC or a Mac. I told him and everybody that I only play poker online, not casinos, which are, in my opinion, a high risk / high reward game of chance.

All in all, my trip was a success, and made up for the $140 that I lost during my last session at Canterbury Card Club.


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