GamesGrid Encounters Mac Poker Problems


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So I’ve been busy tackling email after email about recent problems dealing with GamesGrid and the inability to download their Mac poker software from their website. It seems that nobody has been able to download GamesGrid’s Mac poker client as stated on their download center Poker for Macintosh.

So, after hearing these complaints, I decided to go and test the Macintosh poker download for myself. In a nutshell, the software download didn’t work.

I first started my testing by going directly to the GamesGrid homepage. I clicked the intensely colored “download game” button and was brought to the GamesGrid download center. Everything seemed fine, and I was surprised to see that GamesGrid moved the Mac poker download to the very top spot. However, if you go one step further and try to download GamesGrid’s Poker for Macintosh version, you’ll be in a for a surprise.

When you hover over the download button, you’ll see that it should direct you to the page Believe it or not, you actually are directed to that page. However, for some reason GamesGrid has decided to place a temporary redirect back to the homepage there, rather than the actual Mac Poker download. When were they going to tell us that they were taking off the Mac poker software and how come there isn’t an explanation on their website?

I don’t understand why the link isn’t working though… all of the other downloads are working, which includes Backgammon for Mac and Windows, as well as Poker for Windows. Is this the end of GamesGrid poker for Mac? Maybe, but it certainly isn’t the end of online poker for Mac, especially when you have major companies developing new software, such as Absolute Poker for Mac. Besides, we should be more worried about the US government taking away the freedom to gamble online, which seems to be a very big topic lately with the Neteller pullout.

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