Get Ready For an Improved VIP Treatment at PokerStars


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Play online at Poker StarsPokerStars is the biggest and the most popular online poker room for a reason. Not only does it host some of the most exciting online poker games and tournaments in the world, it also has one of the best VIP programs for its loyal members. And now, the poker giant has amended the VIP program to make the experience all the more exciting and interesting for its patrons. Here is a note on the changes in the PokerStars VIP program, which will come into effect from January 1, 2013.

More Benefits, Extended Privileges

The VIP Club members of PokerStars will get to enjoy more benefits, come the year 2013. Some of these include live streaming replay, extension of lifetime rewards, special VIP tournaments and more.

Become a ChromeStar, GoldStar or SilverStar

Becoming a VIP Club member in PokerStars is simpler and better now. One of the recent changes that PokerStars made to its VIP Program is reduction in the number of points required for becoming a GoldStar of SilverStar level member.

Earlier, players needed to have 750 VPPs and 3000 VPPs on a monthly basis to become SilverStar and GoldStar members respectively. Now, the numbers of points required has come down to 500 VPPs for SilverStar, which is a reduction of 33%. For GoldStar, the poker room brought down the requirement to 2500 VPPs, which is a 17% reduction.

That is not all. The poker room has also introduced a new level called the ChromeStar, which will be between the SilverStar and the BronzeStar levels. This is even better as players can become ChromeStars by earning as little as 100 VPPs every month. ChromeStars of the VIP Club enjoy more or less the same benefits that the BronzeStars enjoy, with the exception that the members in the new level will be able to access the $100k Freerolls and also the $5,000 Weekly tourney.

With these changes to the VIP program, PokerStars is also giving its low stake players a chance to become the members of its VIP Club and enjoy the exclusive benefits it has to offer. To become a part of this amazing VIP club, join PokerStars today by clicking the link below.

Lifetime Rewards Get Bigger

The changes in the VIP program of PokerStars also included expansion of rewards for the PokerStars VIP Lifetime members. Members of the site who earn 5,000,000 VPPs become lifetime members of the club and also get a customized TAG Heuer Watch. In addition to that, the members will now also enter the PokerStars VIP Club Hall of Fame once they earn the 5,000,000 lifetime VPPs.

The Hall of Fame Members will be presented with an engraved TAG Heuer watch at a live PokerStars ceremony. Not just that, the privileged members will also have access to the senior management of PokerStars for any urgent issues. At present, only George Lind, who earned 10 Million VPPs as on September 2012, is a part of this Hall of Fame. To join him as the next Hall of Fame member, start earning your PokerStars VPPs now.
Missed the Live Stream? Replay It!

VIP members of PokerStars enjoy the privilege of watching Live PokerStars events online, through live streaming. The good news is that even if they miss the live streaming, they can replay the stream and watch the event at their own convenience. This is a privilege you get only if you are a PokerStars VIP Club member.

Special Promotions and Tournaments for VIPs

PokerStars is also hosting special tournaments for its VIP members in the New Year. The $1,000,000 event will take place 4 times during the year and is open only to those in the club. If you are a Supernova member of the Club, you get to play in this tournament for free. Other members will have to spend a little on the buy-in, based on their VIP level. The special tourney will take place on February 16, June 1, August 17 and November 16 of next year.

Besides these, PokerStars is also having a special race for the first Supernova, member who earns 100,000 VPPs, and Supernova Elite, member who earns 1,000,000 VPPS, of 2013. Players can also choose their VIP goals for the year 2013 in January. They can choose to earn 100,000, 200,000 or 300,000 VPPs during the year, based on their skill levels and frequency of play.

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