GoDaddy Adds Another Girl


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godaddy-logoIn the world of domain registrar’s it is GoDaddy who exceeds all and because of that they have a couple of the biggest names and hottest of women that represent them. Those women that represent them are Indy Race Car driver Danica Patrick and WWE Womens Wrestler Candice Michelle and these two women have been in a couple of the most popular commercials that have run during the NFL Super Bowl. Well GoDaddy has added another lady to their lineup of beauties and she is the one that just completed a spot in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition and her name is Vanessa Rousso.

That is correct GoDaddy is dipping its hands into the pool of pokers most beautiful women and grabbing onto one of pokers most elite women. The domain registrar giant made this announcement not to long ago and they are already filming commercials that will be seen during the NBC Heads-Up Championship which in fact GoDaddy is also the main sponsor for. The founder of GoDaddy Bob Parson when asked about the signing of Vanessa to the GoDaddy family replied by saying  “Vanessa is smart, she’s aggressive and she’s hot, she has an economics degree from Duke. She’s working on a law degree at the University of Miami. And, like GoDaddy Girl Danica Patrick, she’s competing successfully in what has been a man’s sport. She is definitely Go Daddy material.”

When asked about her joining with GoDaddy Vanessa Rousso answered by saying “Poker is my passion, but that actually started with my interest in economics, I know a strong company when I see one and Go Daddy is absolutely dominant. Go Daddy is world leader in so many Internet categories, plus it has a reputation for being fun, edgy and aggressive. It’s just my style.”

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