Good Vibes, Bad Beats at Canterbury Card Club, MN


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I decided to take a break from the regular every day studies and work of my college town by venturing back down to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It gave me the chance to see my folks again and the yellow lab that I grew up with throughout high school. While I was home I decided to make a short trip down to Canterbury Card Club, which is located in Canterbury Park Minnesota. I wish I would’ve stayed home.

It was a Saturday night and there really wasn’t a whole lot to do. My father and I decided to do try our luck at the card tables of the Canterbury Card Club and see if we could make a little bit of money at the limit poker tables. We left at about a quarter to nine and didn’t get there until about nine thirty. I was expecting there to be a long wait list for the card games, but to my surprise there wasn’t a wait at all! I sat down at a $2/$4 seven card stud table and my dad took his chips to a $2/$4 Texas Holdem poker table.

Now before you stop reading, I just want to say yes, these are low limit games. But the purpose of the night wasn’t to make a boatload of cash, but to go out and have a good time (hence the reason I was playing seven card stud). So let me continue with my story.

I sat down at the table with $100 of chips and I played my usual tight aggressive game. I was only playing hands in which I had a medium to high pocket pair, three cards of the same suit, three high consecutive cards with at least two being suited, or better. The table was very friendly and I seemed to be the only one playing tight.

I couldn’t explain to you how terrible my luck was! For example, one hand I received JhJc in the whole and had the 5c up. The guy to the very left of me brought in, one person completed the bet and I was last to act. I figured that I was doing pretty well and I should try to narrow the field a little bit by making a re-raise.

The bet was now $4 and the price to play was $3 more to call. A couple people called and a couple people folded. It was 4 handed on fourth street and you wouldn’t believe it, but I caught the Jd, giving me JcJhJd5c. I let the ace high player lead out with her bet, another player called, and I made a raise. The player behind me dropped and the other two players called.

Now the fifth street was the 8c, improving my hand slightly more to JhJdJc5c8c. This time it was checked to me so I made the bet. The other two players called.

Sixth street gave me the 10c. So now I have four clubs, and three of a kind. The only other pair on the board now was 55 and I assumed that she had at least two pair, but probably three of a kind. She led out, the next player called, I raised, she re-raised, the other player folded, and then I made the call, hoping to fill up or at least get a flush on seventh street.

Seventh street brought me nothing but hopes and wishes. I had neither filled up nor had I flushed her. She bet out and I made the call, only to find that she filled up on seventh street, which means that she was re-raising me with only trip 5’s and a wheel straight draw. Just my luck! After playing for an hour and losing $30 at a $2/$4 table I decided it was time to move.

I Moved Over to $4/$8 Texas Holdem

I felt like it was time for me to play my usual game, Texas Holdem. There was now a short list so I got on it and waited for the move. I added another $100 to my bankroll, giving me $170 on the table.

It was amazing, I was getting the greatest cards, but the worst flops. I once had AKo and I made an under the gun raise once. I couldn’t believe this table, 7 players cold called my raise! Of course, I totally missed the flop and had to fold out to other bettors.

In another hand I looked down at 66 under the gun so I mucked them right away (remember this is limit holdem). Of course, my one to nine shot at tripping up came on the flop, 6A9. This would’ve been a perfect flop too, lots of action and the winner only had AJ, hitting his Jack on the river. The pot was about $65 without any of my money.

I had AK another time and was under the gun again. I figured since everybody was calling anyways, I might as well raise. This time only 2 other people called. The flop came blank, just a queen on the board. I bet out, one guy thought about it for a long time, then made the call while the other player folded. I bet out again on the turn and he hesitated once again, but made the call. I missed the river and no draw completed so I decided the only way I could win is by firing one more time. He called and showed a middle pocket pair, 88. Another $30 down the drain.

My bankroll is suffering and I’m at about $110 by now. I decided it was almost time to leave and this was going to be my last round. I picked up QQ in an early position so I made the raise. The flop was low, 10h Jh 4s. I bet instantly and got two callers.

Then, a miracle happened, the Qs came up on the turn giving me the top set. I was aware that AK or K9 would give somebody the straight, but I knew nobody had AK and who the hell would play K9 with a raise preflop (having to cold call)? I made a bet and the first guy called and had to go all in with his remaining chips. The other guy made the call too.

The river came the 9s so I was a little bit worried. I checked this time because I wanted to know why he called me on the turn and to see if he was lucky enough to have a King in his hand. I didn’t want to pay when he was going to raise my bet, so I let him bet. I called his bet and everybody showed their cards.

Sure as shit, the all in fellow had K2o (what the hell?). But that wasn’t the worst part of it. This guy didn’t win the pot, the other guy had stayed in with 97s hoping to catch an 8 for the straight possibility that the flop gave him. Nope, he turn rivered his flush taking the pot away from both of us and bringing me down to a measly $68 bankroll (out of my original $200).

If I could only play against idiots like this for 1000 hours more, then we will see who wins the most money. Tight is right, but it didn’t work tonight.


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