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The tech world is abuzz lately with everyone talking about the iPad mobile digital device.  Its gorgeous screen and excellent touch interface are changing the way people interact with applications and games.  Does this same magic hold true for poker apps?  Here we take a look at some of the best poker apps for the iPad to find out.

Poker for iPad

While this app’s name is about as straightforward as they come, it has a few great features that stand out. The game attempts to simulate casino poker and offers 3 variations: Casino Holdem, Caribbean Poker, and Poker Three.  All are well-implemented with a great graphical interface that looks like a lush casino poker table.  The artificial intelligence seems challenging but fair, and users mention the developers are willing to listen to the user base and make fixes, which is always welcome.

Heads Up: Hold’em HD (1-on-1 Poker)

Heads Up: Hold’em HD is the iPad version of the popular iPhone mobile phone game.  It offers heads-up play against either computer opponents or other iPad and iPhone users.  Being able to play against friends is perhaps the best feature, and avoids the tiresome shuffling of a live heads-up match.  The computer opponents are challenging and the game makes good practice for heads-up play.

Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso
Unfortunately is no longer offered, but you can still click through to the best poker online for iphone and iPad offered around. Unfortunately, it is not US friendly, so US players can’t enjoy it for real money poker.

Built on the same engine as Heads Up: Hold’em, this is very similar in style.  This game does add some poker training games to help you improve your game, and of course it allows you to play against a virtual Vanessa Rousso.  Luckily, the ability to play against other players is still available for when you get tired of the AI, which is quite good in and of itself.

Since the iPad is such a new platform, the number of apps is still relatively small, and those available don’t seem to offer much more than the basic interface design we are used to.  It will be interesting to see if developers can offer new ways of interacting with poker apps that utilize the strengths of the iPad platform going forward.

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