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Titan Poker Exclusive BonusKnown for having a wide range of big-money tournaments, Titan Poker recently launched three guaranteeds. The most rewarding among them comes with a prize of $200,000 and follows the Freezeout format. Titan Poker hosts the tournament on Sundays at 18:00. Players have the option to buy-in directly with $200 + $15 or to win a seat to the tournament through one of the satellites the site runs daily. The tournaments are compatible with Macs and PCs.

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Satellites to the $200,000 Guaranteed Tournament at Titan Poker

The guaranteed tournament gives players 10,000 chips to start. It features blinds that increase every twelve minutes. If you are a registered player with the online poker room, you can access the qualifying satellites for the tournament through the site’s lobby, which will give you access to ‘Big Guaranteed Tournaments’. The list of satellites are placed under a tab marked ‘Sunday $200,000’.

Titan Poker conducts satellites in three stages. The second and third stage events feed into the first. They are conducted daily and are accompanied by buy-ins between $0.16 and $6. There are three stage 1 satellites – daily, Saturday mega satellites and Sunday events. In the first and third set of stage 1 satellites the online poker room features ongoing sit n gos and scheduled events.

The formats followed in the scheduled events are – Speed Re-buys/ Add-ons, Turbo Re-buys/ Add-ons and Freeze-outs. The Saturday Mega Satellite features a $30 + $3 buy-in and follows the freeze-out format. 70 guaranteed seats are offered through the event.

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Tournament Steps at Titan

Titan Poker hosts another tournament called Steps, through which you can win a seat to the $200,000 event. Steps is a simple, multi-level tournament in which you can start playing with less than $1. Win the first step in the tournament and work your way up the levels until you reach the top, where you can get a ticket worth $215 to play the $200,000 Guaranteed tournament.

Players who do not want to start at the first level in Steps have the option of buying-in to any other level. In all, the tournament has seven levels. To play Step 1, you have to buy-in with $0.16. You will face a table of ten players at each level, which will feature a sit n go event. The advantage of starting at the lowest level is that if you win, you get tokens to play at the next, same or lower level, without spending more than the buy-in for the first step. If you make your way like this to the last level, you win the top prize. Titan Poker offers an option to replay the same or lower level, to give players additional chances to make their way through all the steps of the tournament.

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Titan’s $60,000 Guaranteed

The second guaranteed tournament running at the online poker room has a $60,000 prize pool. The event takes place Fridays at 20:00. Players get a starting stack of 1,500 chips. They have to play blinds that increase every twelve minutes. Titan Poker offers the option to re-buy as many times a player wants, during the first hour of the game. To play in the guaranteed event, players have to either buy-in directly with $100 + $9, or play for their chance to win a seat at a daily satellite that leads to the event.

There are two stage 1 events – those that take place between Monday and Thursday, and those on Fridays. On the first four days of stage 1, two events will be conducted in the re-buy format. One will start at 16:35 and the other at 18:55. The first tournament has a buy-in requirement of $8 + $0.8, while the second has a $15 + $1.5 buy-in. On Fridays, four stage 1 satellites are conducted in Turbo Re-buy/ Add-on and Speed Re-buy/ Add-on.

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Titan’s $35,000 Guaranteed

For mid-rollers who want to play in tournaments with reasonable buy-ins and a big starting stack, the $35,000 Guaranteed is the right event. It takes place every Saturday at 19:30. The blinds in the event go up every fifteen minutes. Like the other guaranteeds held by Titan Poker, the event comes with two options to enter. Players who want to directly participate in the tournament can buy-in with $109. Those who want to win their way through satellites have to choose an event in the poker software and post the buy-ins which start as low as $8.8. For more information on Titan Poker, please read our detailed Titan Poker review.

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