Gus Hansen Launches Gus TV


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gushansentvSince the poker boom of 2003 after amateur Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event there has been a crowd of pros that are regularly seen on tv at final tables and other poker broadcasts. One of those professionals that made multiple appearances on television broadcasts was the popular Great Dane Gus Hansen who could be seen almost at anytime on High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark or any of the major tournament final tables. Well all of those appearances and the ones to come still is not enough for Gus Hansen.

Set to launch on February 21, 2009 is which is going viewers the chance to get their full share of Gus Hansen. The website is going to allow the viewers to view Gus Hansen while he travels the world to all of the major poker tournaments and he will also be doing hand analysis on the website as well. Another bonus to the viewers is exclusive and personal strategy tips from the Great Dane himself.

When asked about this Gus Hansen went on record saying “having my own free TV channel is a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with my fans and supporters,” said Hansen. “Today’s technology means everyone can sit down with me and watch as I play live at tournaments or even just in my hotel room with friends. And because it is online, Gus TV can reach the whole world, for fans as far away as Osaka and Oklahoma.”

Another treat that Gus Hansen is going to provide to his viewers is during the launch of the website Gus will be stepping into the boxing ring against his enemy at the poker table Theo Jorgensen. The boxing match wouldn’t be a true Gus Hansen event unless there was a wager involved and to everyones pleasure their is. If Gus Hansen pulls out a win then Theo Jorgensen will have to pay Gus $25,000 but if Gus loses the match then he must pay Theo a total of $35,000. It should be an exciting match.

Gus Hansen is a member of Team Full Tilt. If you are interested in playing against the Great Dane then visit our Full Tilt Poker room review and then you can try and give your knockout blow to Gus Hansen.

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