Happy Halloween From Mac Poker Online


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First off, Happy Halloween to all you trick or treaters out there, I’m sure you’ve found some good pots at this exciting time of the year.

I’ve been organizing the Mac poker site more and more behind the scenes and, although the updates are subtle, its all going to help your experience. Small things such as updates to the reviews with new bonuses, updating images, and fixing broken links (I actually found a site wide broken link, yikes) are examples of what has been going on behind the scenes.

On top of that, I’ve decided that it is best to comply with new US legislation as much as possible in order to keep being able to offer the same high quality content as I have in the past. So what I’ve done is hire somebody who is working on installing a script which will detect people coming to this site from the US and redirect them to a terms and conditions page. US visitors must accept the TAC, and can surf the site as normal once this is done. All non-US visitors will remain unaffected and do not have to accept any special terms.


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