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Omaha is a game that has its own dedicated players, who know the game inside and out and take advantage of the players who don’t know Omaha as well as they do. High stakes Omaha games are filled with highly skilled players and are very competitive.

Hand selection is one of the keys to playing Omaha, as you need to give yourself the best possible chance to win as often as you can. You can’t be playing any four cards in high stakes games, as that just leads to disaster.

If you are a good Omaha player and are interested in playing for high stakes, we have some poker room recommendations for you. We’ve researched different poker rooms to determine which ones are the best for playing high stakes Omaha at. Here are the top 3 online poker rooms for high stakes Omaha.


Note: PokerStars no longer accepts US players, but they do accept players from everywhere else. PokerStars offers Omaha at high stakes of $75/$150. Poker Stars is one of the best poker rooms in terms of number and quality of players, so the high stakes games should have players ready to compete.

For a complete listing of high stakes no-limit Texas Holdem sites, please visit our online poker rooms page for the latest list.

Final Words About High Stakes Omaha Poker

Remember to never risk more money than you can afford to lose. High stakes poker games can be dangerous if they are not approached with the proper attitude.