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Like regular Pai Gow Poker games, the high stakes variant requires players to make two hands – one comprising five cards, and other with two. The value of the former should be higher than that of the latter. Most high stakes Pai Gow Poker games have few players, which are limited to a maximum of seven per table.

In Pai Gow Poker, you should try to make the best combination in both the hands such that they beat the dealer to bring you the top prize. In the case where only one of the two hands beats the dealer, it will result in a tie which will go to the banker. This will give the player an advantage you cannot afford in high stakes games. So, ensure that you play only the nut hands and fold all others.

Table Limits in Pai Gow Poker Games where a Player is the Banker

Most online casinos offering high stakes games retain their table limits in games where one of the players takes on the role of the banker. If you get to choose between this and an option where you don’t have table limits, it is best to opt for the former. There is a higher chance that you will wager more in games where no limits apply than in those where there are caps.

In case you wager a massive sum on a three card poker hand and don’t win the hand, you lose more than you would at a table that has a high limit. Also, in no limit three card poker games, you may make a bet on a hand in which the player in the position of the banker will not have enough to cover it. If this happens, the dealer will have to give the player the option to forfeit the turn.

Recommended Online Casinos for High-Stakes Pai Gow Poker

888 Casino (Non-US): As one of the top online casinos that offer high stakes games to its players, 888 Casino has included Pai Gow Poker for high-rollers in its game portfolio. To get started with the game, you will have to visit the online casino, sign-up with it and make a real money deposit. To gain access to its high stakes Pai Gow Poker game, download the online casino software. Once you do this, you will have to select the game from its lobby and choose a table that has stake limits of hundreds of dollars.

888 Casino has special tables for its high-rollers and VIP players. If you are looking to wager more than a few hundred dollars at a game of Pai Gow, you should enter games for VIP players. The casino has time limits on the time high-rollers and VIP players can take to make their bets in Pai Gow Poker. They will get 30 seconds to place a bet and 35 seconds to make other decisions.

EU Casino (Non-US): This online casino has a high stakes Pai Gow Poker game in which the table limit is $500. With such a high cap, players can wager big on their hands. The game, developed by SkillOnNet, can be played in the downloadable version of the online casino. One of the best aspects about joining EU Casino is that you will get to avail one of the biggest bonuses through which you can earn up to €5250. This is a multi-level bonus which will be released in installments with the first five deposits you make at the site.

Casino Tropez (Non-US): Owned by Fastengine Processing Limited, Casino Tropez has a high-stakes game for Pai Gow Poker players. If you become a VIP member at the site, you will have access to a number of benefits, of which one is a good conversion rate on the comp points you earn while playing high stakes games. The comp points increase with the amount of money you wager on games like Pai Gow Poker.

Or course we need some US friendly high stake Pai Gow poker casinos too, which is why we highly recommended the newly Mac friendly online casino Rome Casino. Rome Casino is one of the top US friendly casinos providing a vast array of games in addition to Pai Gow.
Moreover, we have Casino Titan, another US friendly casino site that provides a different type of gaming software, RTG (real time gaming) and thus, another top experience of entertainment and games.