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Three Card Poker, also called Triple Card Poker, gives players the chance to wager more than they would be able to at a regular game when it is played with high table limits. Most online casinos have poker rooms dedicated to high stakes games with table limits. A few other sites provide no limit games in which players have the option to place wagers as high as they want to.

About the High Stakes Variant of Three Card Poker

High stakes Three Card Poker requires players to make a hand with a value higher than that made by the dealer. In these games, the limits on the minimum and maximum bets that players can make will be very high compared to those in regular games. Some sites offer high stakes games in which limits are ten times more. When choosing a Three Card Poker game, take into consideration the Pair Plus Bet and Initial Bet limits. In Three Card Poker games, every stake you make will have to be in multiples of a denomination decided by the site where you play.

Betting Options

In Three Card Poker, there are two stages of play. One requires the player to post the ante, and the other a play bet, which are made on the strength of the player’s hand compared to that of the dealer. Some online casinos that have a high stakes version of their Three Card Poker game offer players the chance to place another bet called Pair Plus. This is made according to a pay-scale on the chances that the player’s hand will comprise a pair or higher.

Most sites give players the option to place either, neither or both. Once you place an ante, you will get to decide whether you want to fold or continue in the game. If you go for the latter, you will have to place an additional wager amounting to the same as the ante. The dealer’s and player’s hand are then compared to decide who has the best.

In case a player wins, he will get a big sum if he places both the ante and play wagers in the hand. The wagers are paid 1:1 at most high stakes Three Card Poker games. To make the most of the game, you will have to opt for a feature called Ante Bonus. This has been designed to provide players with additional money for hands that have a straight or higher.

Recommended Online Casinos for High Stakes Three Card Poker

Party Casino (NON-US): The online casino has a Three Card Poker game which makes it a great option for players looking to wager high sums of money per hand. The game has a Pair Plus pay-table based on which players are paid for their hands. A pair will bring in 1:1, flush 4:1, straight 6:1, three-of-a-kind 30:1 and straight flush 40:1.

888 Casino (NON-US): Owned by Cassava Enterprises, the online casino has a high stakes Three Card Poker game which has a minimum table limit of $1 and a maximum of $200. This game is offered in the Flash version of its casino, which allows players to access the game through their internet browser. For players new to Triple Card Poker, 888 Casino has a free-play game. This allows you to try a few hands before starting with the high stakes game.

Europa Casino (NON-US): As one of the most reliable casino sites for high stake games, Europa Casino offers a number of trustworthy payment methods like PaySafe, Visa cards and Neteller, which you can use to fund your games. The site has made a commitment to ensure that its gaming environment is safe for players, so it has created an information page where it provides all the rules on the game. Europa Casino offers Triple Card Poker with two betting limits – one is for mid-rollers (between €1and €40) and the other for high-rollers (between €25-€500).

As for US friendly high Stakes Three card poker – give Casino Titan and Rome Casino a try, both with great software and games, and not to mention bonuses too.